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Aug 12, 2005 05:45 PM

getting knives sharpened in LA or SFV?

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any suggestions???

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  1. How about "the infamous" Ross Cutlery on Broadway in Downtown. Right acroos the street for Grand Central Market.

    Ross Cutlery & Sharpening Service
    310 S Broadway
    Los Angeles, CA 90013
    (213) 626-1897


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      Any Bristol Farms, usually Pavillions and Gelsons too. Ask the Butcher. You drop off a bundle with your name and then when they change the wheels at night they will sharpen for pick up the next day.

      1. re: weebie

        I can't recommend them any longer. The last time we took or knives there they took a huge amount off the knives (they were there were for sharpening not reshaping) making them very brittle. We had two knife tips crack as a result.

        1. re: weebie

          Bristol Farms on Beverly. They sharpen while you wait...

        2. I know some of the Sur La Table culinary stores have people who come in to do professional knife sharpening..

          I've used the one in Newport, but don't know if the other stores have the same people.

          It was a while ago, so you might want to see if they still do it.


          1. Hows Markets will sharpen your knives.


            1. Any Bristol Farms will do 3 at a time, at the butcher counter.

              1. Question: I have a set of Shun knives I need sharpened. The knife guy at the Cutlery in Manhattan Beach mall stated that since the steel is a bit harder, they have to use a different machine or something along those lines??? It was a little more expensive but he seemed to know what he was talking about.

                And to keep it LA-centric, anyone get their knives sharpened here? Do they do a good job?


                see, on their website it states that Shuns are $2.00 per inch...specifically mentioning shuns is kind of odd??? this is versus the $.75 per inch for other knives.


                I've heard sometimes the people at Sur La Table don't know what they're doing....dunno if that's accurate or not.

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                1. re: Xericx

                  Gary's knife sharpening is at various farmer's markets in LA..

                  There is a pretty funny video on there as well

                  1. re: Xericx

                    i've been happy with the job that thee cutlery does on my shun.