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Jul 23, 2010 10:27 AM

Newport, R.I. recommendations

My wife and I are going to spend a couple of nights in Newport at the end of September. I have not been back there in over 20 years after having lived in the area for about 4. I assume the Black Pearl down by the waterfront is long gone. Would welcome any recommendations for a genuine Newport eatery, preferably seafood.

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  1. The Black Pearl is still very much there and thriving.

    1. Thats a difficult call: not in any order,
      Black Pearl--agree with the first guy
      Clark cooke House
      Castle Hill
      The Viking Hotel
      Scales and Shells
      Just to name a few either place is nice then you can hop around the junk shops either way those plus a couple I might have forgotten are there.
      Good Luck