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Jul 23, 2010 10:11 AM

Restaurants in West Hartford, CT


I am visiting CT after three years abroad and will be spending most of the time in West Hartford. I have been out of the loop as far as the restaurant scene is concerned, though I do know that Blue Back is open. What are some good cheap-medium price range restaurants in West Hartford (as well as Bloomfield and Hartford) that opened in the last few month/years or so and which popular restaurants went out?


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  1. I'm sure others will chime in with the usual recs, so I'll just hit you with one of my favorites. Scott's Jamaican Bakey on Albany Ave in Hartford, maybe 1/2 mile from the West Hartford line. Grab some patties and hit up Elizabeth Park for a picnic, even. I highly recommend the regular beef, spinach and cheese (spicy!), and coco bites. It's all really cheap, and I've never had a bad bite of anything there.

    1. Counter Burgers in Blue Back Square does good burgers. Max Burger Bar 2 blocks away also serves good burgers in the $10-14 range. Actually anything by the Max restaurant group generally gets positive reviews.

      If you like Vietnamese pho, then be sure to stop by Pho Boston in W. Hartford for a bowl. This is the only authentic pho place I have found in CT or NYC.

      If you like Indian, try Bombay Olive - they do a good lunch buffet including an excellent goat curry (so my co-workers say)! I stick to their mainstream stuff such as chicken tikka masala.

      Pho Boston Restaurant
      144 Shield St, West Hartford, CT 06110

      Bombay Olive
      450 S Main St, West Hartford, CT 06110

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        Thanks so much. I won't have a car during my time in West Hartford, but I am totally fine taking the bus. I used to go to Scott's Jamaican Bakery when I worked at King School in Hartford.

        I eat almost everything so I am not limited to pasta.

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