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Jul 23, 2010 09:45 AM

Dickson Wine Bar?

Just did a search and nothing came up! What's the verdict from the chowhound community? I love banh mi, so I am intrigued...

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  1. I've never had the bahn mi or food there. It strikes me as more of a place to go for wine or cocktails before a show at the 9:30 club, not an eating type of place. I like the atmosphere but it's more like a bar than a restaurant. Its menu seems kind of limited compared to other wine bars like Ripple or Room 11. No real entrees. I would get maybe a salad and a glass of wine and then go somewhere else for a real meal.

    1. The pork belly banh mi was very good. Spicy and decadent. Large enough for two. We also had salads and flatbread pizza thingies, which were OK.

      1. went there last night before a show at 9:30 club. the pork belly banh mi was awesome - the baguette was crusty, there was plenty of juicy and delicious pork, and a good amount of heat from fresh jalapenos. the small mixed green salad that came with the banh mi was a little wilted and sad looking, but the vinaigrette was good. i wouldn't say that one sandwich is big enough for two people though. i polished mine off and still had plenty of room for their wild mushroom, mozzarella and truffle oil flatbread which was also really good. this is a case in which truffle oil is actually used well to enhance the other components of the dish rather than to just drown out bland flavors and jack up the price by a few dollars. i was slightly disappointed with my drink - the gold line. it was ok, but not worth the $11 price tag. my friend had a pretty good pilsner, which i noticed was organic, as is pretty much everything on their menu.

        one beer, a drink, a banh mi, and the flatbread came to about $45 before tip. slightly pricey, but quality. after one visit i would have to say i prefer room 11 as a wine bar but i'll be going back to dickson for a good banh mi. one last note: they did seem to be pretty understaffed, with only one (really nice but over-extended) server working two of their three floors. granted it was a monday, but they were still busy.

        1. Went there last night for dinner with my boyfriend. Had the carpaccio with truffle oil, which was quite good, with well-balanced flavors. We also had the cheese board - they seem to have a good, short selection of cheeses - and it came with a nice amount of condiments (3 sweet spreads). The bread that accompanied the cheese was only so-so, but I'm all about the cheese anyway. We then split the pork belly banh mi, which made a hearty meal for the two of us, and it was flavorful and succulent. I've heard all the banh mis are really great. The salad that came with the sandwich was overdressed with some really strong vinaigrette though, and I definitely pushed that to the side. The house-marinated olives weren't to my taste, but they were decent. The weird part was that they were mixed olives and some had pits, and some didn't. I can imagine someone biting one expecting it to be pit-free and having some issues.

          As far as the drinks go, my boyfriend and I were pretty happy with our cocktails. Seemed well-mixed and potent. Didn't try any of the wine; will do next time. Overall, I was pretty happy with the meal, and the price was pretty reasonable for a DC wine bar. I would definitely go again.

          Oh and we went on a Weds night (for those keeping track), and it was open seating, first-come, first-served. Not sure if it's this way every night, but if you're planning on making a trip, keep that in mind. They have 3 floors, dress is trendy-casual, though dressy would not be out of place.

          1. The ribeye banh mi is all I want to eat again for the rest of my life. I shared it with a friend and it was plenty for us, but we're two small girls. I can't imagine eating a whole thing and then a flatbread, though!

            Serious, I want one now.