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Jul 23, 2010 08:55 AM

Dinghy Bar and Grill ??? in Lewisville

Any input? Old Charlie's loc, renovated. Cajun influenced menu, opened supposedly by Dee Lincoln's (Del Frisco) brother. Minimal # of reviews on Yelp aren't very kind.

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  1. Don't go. The location is fine but the food's terrible.

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    1. re: Littleman

      Did you go when they were newly opened or more recently? What was terrible about it if you don't mind expounding. I had higher hopes for the sibling of such a successful restauranteur.

      1. re: CocoaNut

        I went there last night with some friends, and all I can say is that Littleman is right --DON'T GO!!! The food is absolutely horrible! You would do better going out to eat at a hospital cafeteria. I ordered grilled catfish and shrimp and when it arrived at the table, it was unrecognizeable and cold. It sort of reminded me of my days in the school cafeteria. Out of 16 people, only one person thought the food was ok--and he had steak. The drinks weren't much better--couldn't make a pina colada, didn't have merlot, cheap tequila, etc. Only bright spot was that we had a sweet waitress. Everybody was complaining, and not just at our table. I felt so bad for her, I just sat there and didn't say a word.

        1. re: flomogal

          I agree, food is terrible. I have been several times hoping for improvement, but it is just soooo salty. I had a filet expecting Del quality and it was very bad. I had a burger next it was burned and the fried were too salty to eat. Drink prices are outrageous as well. Same band every night, so no variety. Not sure who or what they want to be, but it isn't working.

          I keep hoping they will adjust but no sign of it so far.

    2. This place is absolutely horrible, Dee Lincoln and her brother has missed a golden opportunity to have a great establishment that is reasonably priced and meets the needs of the marina members.
      If the prices were lower it would be ok, like eating at Texas roadhouse but for what they charge it is ridiculous. For the cost I would rather eat in Addison, Kenny's come to mind, the
      Silver fox steak house, Lonesome dove in ft worth. Golden coral is even better. Freaking $7.50 for drink? You can drink at Stan's in The Colony for $4.75 a drink. She charges $15 for a case
      of water at the gas dock. For some one that is so smart? "Queen of steaks" she has failed miserably. No more weekend breakfast, she cuts out band that played at Charles in the past.
      The Dinghy bar and grill has done nothing to improve the marina experience. It’s a freaking joke and I will do everything I can to help see it fail.

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      1. re: Surfdawg100

        We agree with the above review. They spent at lot of money remodeling the old charlies. Maybe they should have spent a little on hiring a chef. It's like eating at an airport bad food and high prices. Maybe they should visit other MARINA's to get an idea what the customers of Marina's enjoy.

        I will say that we have always received GREAT service here. But even surperb service will not make up for the food

        1. re: Charliedriver

          Thanks for mentioning the servers; really hard on them; they were promised a booming business but now no one will eat there so they aren't making any tips. Also, a long drive to work. The kids were told all they have to be paid is minimum tip wages of $2.15 an hour. Hard to make it to the $8.25 with NO customers. Is this even legal?

      2. I've been at pier 121 for ten years. At first I was excited that Dee Lincoln was opening up a place here. I have give this place numerous chances and each one was as bad as the first. The food and the service is horrible. After several management changes this place still sucks! It is obvious dee lincoln does not know what she is doing. I hope pier 121 will bring in something to make the marina fun again.