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Jul 23, 2010 08:50 AM

Herne Hill [London]

I need a nice place for lunch within walking distance of the train station. I'm pretty flexible on price and cuisine.

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  1. olley's for a good range of fish n chips would be my choice.

    i don't know if the three monkey's indian restaurant is still there - i've always had good food but latterly prices went up and portion sizes down so you might want to do a bit more reserach if you fancy that.

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    1. re: abby d

      Head to The Blackbird bakery for the most delicious croissants and breads- it's opposite the station.

      1. re: foreignmuck

        If a pub is Ok the food at The Florence is better than average. It's 50m from the station.

      2. Florence is a decent pub, friendly, honest well sourced and cooked fare without pretending to be the new Anchor and Hope...sometimes has the burger/hot dog truck which is grand. Three Monkeys is OK, though part of the Chowki etc chain. Olleys is a good sit down fish and chip place.

        If you're prepared to hop in a cab from the station though (or just get off the train before at East Dulwich) look up Ganapati in Peckham Rye. Best local Indian I've been to in ages and my favourite current restaurant I think in SE London - try the crab thoran and the curd rice. Grand. And in this weather there's a really pretty terrace out back.

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        1. re: helen b

          This is my stamping ground. Three Monkeys closed ages ago and is about to become a Pizza Express. I like the Prince Regent more than the Florence for pub food - it's further down Dulwich Rd opposite the Lido. The Lido Café is also a possiblility although it's full of babies during the day. I do like Number 22 for tapas but I'm not sure it's open at lunchtimes.

          Although I second helen b's recommendation for Ganapati, the train to Herne Hill doesn't stop at East Dulwich.