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Jul 23, 2010 07:53 AM

GTA resturaunts: Thornhill & Richmondhill area

My anniversary with my bf is coming up but he gets off late so we need a nice resturaunt nearby. Sadly DT toronto is too far and I have no clue where to go.
(We would like a patio setting since it will be beautiful that day)

Anywhere in Thornhill and Richmond hill area.

Thanks a bunch!

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  1. My go to 'special occasion' restaurant in Thornhill is Terra. They are located at 8199 Yonge Street. Always good food and service. They also have a nice patio.

    1. As I noted in another thread, Terra's service is slow at best, and positively glacial at other times. The food is very good, but expensive.

      The best restaurants in Richmond Hill are the Chinese spots, but none of them offer a patio. I tried Moxie's patio in the restaurant block at Hwy 7 and East Beaver Creek, but the food was pedestrian, and over priced.

      There aren't many patios in Richmond Hill; perhaps because it's not like downtown Toronto, where you get to people watch. Here, you get to car watch, which I find rather boring.

      1. Try Richmond Grill, Tresca (has a Patio) or Il Piatto Vecchio (same Plaza as Tresca)

        I'm not a huge fan of Tresca since Restaurant Makeover but people still seem to enjoy it

        Richmond Grill
        10165 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON L4C1T5, CA

        Piatto Vecchio
        9301 Bathurst St, Richmond Hill, ON L4C9S2, CA

        1. We went to Terra a few weeks ago for our anniversary and loved the special "anniverary" tasting menu. All our favorites were on it. We had ahi tuna, lobster potstickers, mushroom risotto, steak, a cheese platter and chocolate molten cake and creme brulee. The only problem with the meal, ( if you can call it that) was there was too much food. So pace yourself and take some of it home so you can really enjoy the experience.