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Jul 23, 2010 07:06 AM

Looking for a quiet lounge

My wife and I are coming to NYC at the end of August to celebrate our 28th anniversary. We're staying at the Strand on 37th and are looking for a dinner recommendation.

We're looking for a comfy couch in a quiet lounge where we can take our time and order one appetizer after another between cocktails.

We'd like to keep it under $250.

Thanks for all your help!

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  1. my partner and I crave quiet settings in nyc. one of our favorites is the Bar at Gilt in the Palace Hotel. A wonderful and generally quiet ambience, beautiful setting, non-rushed service and yes the food is quite good. I also love the Bar at the Modern - but for us (and it sounds like perhaps for you) that has to be more off hours - it can be crowded and noisy but the food is delicious and the atmosphere fun.

    1. The Strand has a rooftop bar and lounge. A restaurant is due to open soon but it may not be open yet. Until the restaurant opens I doubt they have appetizers. Check with your hotel to see when the restaurant is due to open.

      1. Algonquin Hotel @ 59 West 44th St., New York, NY 212 - 840 - 6800.

        Have a great anniversary.

        The restored Algonquin Lobby – with writing desks and Edwardian furniture in deep jewel tones – retains the charm and ambiance forever associated with this landmark hotel. It is New York’s living room – a gathering spot throughout the day where hotel guests and locals congregate, and business travelers entertain. To further complement the needs of the many business travels who meet here, complimentary wireless Internet is available, and intimate arrangements of settees and chairs create the perfect environment for reading, writing and conversing.

        The Lobby serves cocktails and lighter fare from The Algonquin's appetizer and snack menu.

        Cocktails, tea, and coffee are served in the Lobby from noon to 4 pm, and cocktails are available throughout the evening.