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Jul 23, 2010 06:44 AM

Lobster roll between White Mts. and Troy, NY?

Hi all,

I'm starting a cross-country road trip with some hiking in the White Mountains (Franconia Range) followed by a trip to Troy to visit a friend. I plan to stop for lunch on the way, ideally pretty soon after I come off the mountain. Is there any hope of getting a good lobster roll (or clam shack?) southwest of the White Mountains? I read the previous threads but was seeing mostly stuff on the east side (might have something to do with the location of the ocean...). If I'm not going to get a good lobster roll that way, other recommendations are welcome, but since it's as close as I'll get to Maine, I thought I'd ask!

White Mountain Cafe
212 Main St, Gorham, NH 03581

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  1. Believe it or not there is an amazing little shack on Route 15 in West Danville, Vermont that makes a terrific lobster roll! It's called the Green Mountainn Trolley and is open for lunch and dinner. We had just cone from my favorite lobster roll source, the Sesuit Harbor Cafe on Cape Cod, so I challenged them to make one as good - and they did! The chef claims to cook and clean 35 lobssters each day, and then makes the roll to order. I actually watched him do this. You would need to call ahead, as he closes on rainy days and sometimes when catering. There are outside tables, and it's right next to the Joe's Pond Beach if you want to eat in your car or spread out for a picnic. The phone is 802-684-8020 - no website.

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      Yeah the Green Mountain Trolley in Danville Is crazy good and he even makes duck fat french fries. It' s a must stop. Bentley's Bakery is also good in Danville - I loved the fruit tart I had - really first rate.

    2. If you head Rt 93 south, we like the lobster rolls at the Dipsy Doodle in Northfield NH, exit 19. Check directions because there might not be a southbound exit 19. If not, get off at exit 20 in Tilton. We like the clams there, too.