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Jul 23, 2010 06:44 AM

Best espresso in downtown?

Hi Hounds,
I'm going to be in ATL for some meetings next week, and I have counted up six appointments for coffee. If I'm going to be drinking that many cups of joe, I'd like to at least make sure it's the good stuff. Where are your favorite non-Starbuck coffee spots in Downtown Atlanta?


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  1. "Downtown" isn't specific enough here, but I'm going to read it to mean, "I'm staying in the hotel district around Peachtree Center and don't have a car at my disposal". If that's the case, I work down here and there isn't much for non-chain coffee in walking distance. If I want good coffee, I walk down to the Sweet Auburn Curb Market and get it at Cafe Campesino, which just has a few little tables. Lovely people, fair-trade coffee, I'm addicted to their iced coffee, and the market is an interesting place with lots of lunch options. But it's not especially "businessy" and is a solid several blocks from the hotel district. I noticed a sign at the Ellis Hotel yesterday stating they have a coffee/breakfast bar inside featuring some brand from Seattle I hadn't heard of. It's a boutique hotel with a quality restaurant (Terrace), so maybe they have the setup you need. Otherwise, it's the land of Starbucks and Corner Bakery.

    Peachtree Cafe
    99 Jeff Davis Rd, Thomaston, GA 30286