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Jul 23, 2010 06:24 AM

Perogies? In HRM?

Hi Hounds,

Who's serving the best perogies in metro?


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  1. As a newish Haligonian who grew up on perogies my advice is make them at home. They are not as hard as I thought and so the best comfort food. I don't think perogies are well known here.. hmmmmmmmmmmmm a good farmers market idea?

    1. There were previously at least 2 vendors at the market that had perogies. With the recent change from the old market to the new, I'm not sure where either of them are located now, but checking the market it probably the best place to start.

      You had asked in your original post for "serving" perogies, so I hadn't responded with this. These aren't ready to eat - they are frozen to take home and cook up there.

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        i had the perogies from a woman at the old brewery market last saturday. i didn't like perogies until i had these. they were across from the menonites, not far from south asian catering.