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Jul 23, 2010 05:36 AM

Dr. says, "No SALT ALLOWED" now what?

I recently spent 7 days in ICU and the end results are not pretty, (at least not from a Chowhound's viewpoint) NO SALT. So, my question to all of you is, can you make a decent meal without it? Believe me I've done my research and found Mrs. Dash. I've used the new marinades without salt and the "Lemon Pepper" is very good. But I need more.......

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  1. Oh boy, poor you. That is hard news to hear. Personally, I find that smoked paprika is a lifesaver when I am trying to cut down on salt. I use alot of herbs and spices but that one stands out for adding flavor to almost anything.

    1. I'm sorry to hear you were so sick. I hope you are feeling better. The Mrs. Dash products are great. I use them although I don't require a low sodium diet. I've heard (from a Marion Nestle interview) that it takes about 3 weeks of eating a low-sodium diet before your taste buds readjust and you don't even miss the salt. So hang in there and it will get easier.
      I think the best way to disguise a lack of salt is to use a lot of flavourful herbs and spices and to use quality ingredients that don't require salt to bring out or enhance their flavours. Also, beware of hidden salts (like in cottage cheese).
      Have you tried any of the salt substitutes? I haven't used them so I can't advise there but I know some people like them.
      The Mayo Clinic has quite a few of low-sodium recipes here:

      1. Check out Penzey's "no salt" herb and spice blends. That might help jazz things up for you. And would something like a salt substitute be allowed?

        1. Penzeys just introduced another salt-free flavor called Arizona Dreaming. It is a Mexican blend, and I liked it a lot. You should search that site for all the salt-free blends, because there are a lot, including salt-free versions of regular, salted flavorings (like lemon pepper).

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          1. It's now many years since I stopped cooking with salt or generally adding to the food on the plate. It took me about three weeks to get used it. Now I find "normal" amounts of salt in cooking to be "very" salty.