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Favorite Quebec made cheese

What is your favorite cheese made in Quebec and where can you buy them? I ask this because I am in love with the local cheeses since moving here.

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  1. Le Chevre Noir. You can get it at any decent cheese store.

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      I second that. But it's gotten so expensive :(

    2. I have a sweet spot for the Pizy (avail. at Hamel)


      1. Baluchon from FX Pichet is a beautiful buttery Bio cheese ( pate affine) available at better cheese shops.

        1. Where to start? There are so many great ones, but Pied-De-Vent definitely stands out.

          My favorite places to get them are Marché des Saveur at JT market as well as Fromagerie Atwater. S. Bourassa in St-Sauveur is a cheap outlet too for them. Just don't get them from your supermarket...

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            For anyone that has not been to Bourassa in St Sauveur, it is a great place to buy cheeses and sausages. They also have very good prices on oils and bulk goods. Sometimes they even have bio-meats for less than half the price of supermarkets or markets like JTM or the 440 in Laval.

          2. My new favorite one is the Hercule de Charlevoix. If you like aged Comté you'll love it.

            The Louis D'or in the same vein is also really good.

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              Love Comté, just not the price tag! Thanks for this!

            2. Le Migneron de Charlevoix, can be obtain at Le Fromagerie at Atwater Market or Hamel at JTM. If you ar in the area can also be purchased from the source at La Maison d'affinage Maurice Dufour Inc on Hwy 138 btw Baie-Saint-Paul and Malbaie.

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                I'm not a cheese connoisseur but that goat's cheese at the temporary stand at JTM (I think it's called Buckland or Buckingham) during the summer is amazing.

                1. I second Louis d'Or. It was among the cheeses we bought at the Festival des Fromage in Warwick this summer. There was a really lovely goat cheese we bought as well but I am utterly blanking on the name of it.

                  1. Alfred le Fermier. Hamel and Fromagerie Atwater both carry it.