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Jul 23, 2010 01:22 AM

Best under-50 euro menus in Paris

My two friends and I are in Paris this summer for about a month and a half, and we'd like to go out to a special meal every weekend, which makes about 6 meals in total. We're especially partial to this new-ish breed of younger chefs, often at bistro-type restaurants, offering relatively cheap, often fixed (we like that!) tasting menus. For example, two of us went to le Chateaubriand and really enjoyed it. Others in this category which I've heard of include L'Agrume, Frenchie, Le Comptoir du Relais (we've gone for lunch and thought it was only so-so, but maybe the dinner is spectacular), etc. We enjoy more traditional French restaurants as well, so please feel free to recommend those, but we would still be looking for near-to or under-50 menus, and it seems to get something really special, in that category, one might have to get much pricier.

So, which 6 (or so) restaurants would you recommend?

(Edit: Ack, I forgot to say, this month includes August! I hope that doesn't limit our choices too much...)

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  1. OK, so you're talking about lunch or dinner (there's a big difference, cf ZKG) and with or without beverages (ditto), established places (Soup's rayon) or new (my division) and with or without geographic limits? August is a problem, I'm sure you've checked out the thread on it.

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      Well, we're mostly talking about dinner, though we'd be interested in lunch as well. I meant without beverages, and our geographic limits are within reach of a metro stop. As for established vs. new, I think we'd want to try both! I know it's all very subjective, but we're a little lost so we're just looking for ideas!


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        So you're willing to go to Issy or Levallois so long as it's on the Metro?

    2. Let me give it a try (I'll address the subject (-50) not the August issue, for that check other threads or telephone in July.
      1. Spring Not really a menu but a lunch boullon for 23 E plus a few small plates at 6-7 E.
      2. La Regalade St Honore menu at 34 E. (open after the 15th of Aug)
      3.Ze Kitchen Galerie lunch menus at 24-35 E.
      4. l'Agrume - Daily special costing 11, lunch formula 16 and a la carte 35 €
      5. La Regalade - menu at lunch 32 E
      6. Chez Genouille - Lunch menus at 15 and 25 (closed the first week of August)
      Not forgetting:
      Le Marcab - Menus for 16, 25 and 35 €
      Le Gaigne - 16 and 22 €
      Le 122 - 20 and 35 E
      Frenchie - Menus: lunch 16 for 2 dishes and 19 €