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Jul 22, 2010 11:33 PM

Shilo's (L.A.) major disappointment

An old favorite of mine,Shilo's on Pico Blvd, has, sorry to say, gone somewhat downhill lately, although still immensely popular, with the crowds (and crowded it surely is...).
for the second time, I've taken important business clients out to, what I billed as the premier kosher dining experience only to suffer major embarrassment

One guest ordered the mushroom egg rolls and they were dry, overcooked and practically tasteless. Contrast them to the scrumptious Avocado egg rolls at La gondola and there is no comparison, these were simply reheated and overcooked at that. In addition the sides were all wrong.

Another ordered a medium 28 oz steak and it came back well done and dry, he sent it back (the waiter was very gracious and apologetic) and instead brought back a rib eye a third the size, not wanting to make a fuss, he dug in only to find it- literally- raw inside, it had been seared on the outside and uncooked on the inside.
He sent it back and asked me to take him somewhere else, as he was taking a long flight and needed to eat, My Friend was so upset he refused a free entree he wanted out

Every establishment is entitled to make a mistake, I just sense a lowering of standards of what was once a great eating place.
On the other hand, due to some unfortunate illnesses in the Family, I began frequenting la Gondola at its new (relatively) location on Wilshire Blvd. and i must say the food is excellent from the aforementioned egg rolls, to the spring rolls, to the steaks and turkey burgers it was delicious
I guess its like a wheel they go up and down.

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  1. I agree with your review of Shilo's. My last visit, about a year ago, was definitely my last. I much prefer Pat's and Delice Bistro. Both are consistently good and the owners care about quality and service. I like la Gondola too, but I find the new location very noisy. I wish they would install some sound absorbing materials especially at the back of the restaurant.

    1. I had a very bad experience there (quickly documented here: back in January. One of the worst meals I've ever had at a Kosher restaurant. Glad to see that others had bad experiences as well and it's not just a one off.

      I haven't been to La Gondola in years; I remember the old location.

      1. I had two fabulous meals at Shilo's last week. The atmosphere is nice and the help was friendly and less pretentious than Pat's. We particularly enjoyed the steak tartar, the ceviche was also tasty. Our steaks were grilled to perfection, medium rare, and about as good as we have tasted at the the better Kosher steak houses in LA and New York. The ribs of the beast were generous and succulent.