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Jul 22, 2010 10:45 PM


Hi-having recently been diagnosed as being gluten sensitive,I am in search of restaurants that have either gluten free items or a gluten free menu. The Newtown/ NE Philadelphia area would be perfect,although anywhere in the Philadelphia area would be acceptable as well.. And, do I have to give up my lifetime enjoyment of cheesesteaks, or is there a restaurant out there that offers gluten free cheesesteaks?

Thanks for your help-

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    1. Thanks for starting this thread. My friend is testing for a gluten problem and is pretty sure he has one. Can't wait to read what others say. I'm trying to support him in his quest and have learned so much. I miss eating out with him and was delighted to discover that Chipote does gluten free nicely. This quest has been a real eye-opener. Nathan's hot dogs are not the cheapest but they are gluten free and yummy. Heading over to Bova Foods in Chalfont soon for some more delicious brown rice spaghetti. The guy who rang me up last time says he gets it for himself because he prefers the texture. Would love to find some good gf Italian rolls for cheesesteaks but I might end up trying to make them myself. Going without cheesesteaks is just too harsh.

      1. There's a vegan, gluten-free bakery on South St. just west of Broad St.:

        I've had a couple things there and they were pretty good in light of the fact that they were free of everything that usually makes baked treats good: wheat flour, sugar, and dairy.

        1. The gluten free philly site is great. My husband is gluten intolerant, and we manage pretty well to eat all over the city. Mexican is almost always safe, as are Thai and Vietnamese, as long as you stay away from the soy sauce, which they generally don't have.

          Most nicer restaraunts either already have safe menu items or will accommodate (depends how sensitive you are and how worried about cross-contamination).

          Cheesesteaks are tough. We've yet to find a decent roll for them, and my husband really misses them. Paesano's recently advertised that they have GF rolls, though, so at least the roast pork and Italian hoagie are in our imminent future!

          Picanha Grill, the Brazilian place in Northeast Philly is a great GF place. We are at Jules in Jenkitown regularly. Yalda Grill in Horsham is great for kebabs and rice. Just ask questions and experiment. Good luck!

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            thanks for all the great info-it is appeciated!

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              FYI, Basically Burgers in Doylestown advertises GF Rolls.

              Also, Bova Foods in Chalfont has a great GF frozen Pizza Dough.

              Tabora Farm and Orchard in Chalfont has great fresh GB baked goods.

              Giant on Rote 113 in Souderton has a great frozen GF section and plenty of dry GF Choices.

              Our Grand Daugter was diagnosed 9 years ago, and it is much easier to find GF products today then it was back then.

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