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Jul 22, 2010 08:26 PM

Manasquan: Looking for truly authentic Italian VPN pizza and/or food.

Visiting the area next week for the very first time. Hoping that 'hounds can help locate some truly delicious authentic Italian food. Even better would be a truly VPN pizza locale.

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  1. Sorry, nearest VPN is in NYC. IF you want good local pizza, you should begin your search here:

    There are also tons of threads about Italian food if you search this board. Personally, I'd suggest Piccola Italia. They are not too far away and one of the best in the area.

    Piccola Italia
    837 W Park Ave, Ocean, NJ 07712

    1. Given that you’re in Italian-American “red sauce” territory, and the fact that most ‘hounds seem to be debating what is “authentic” when it comes to Italian food, (look at this giant discussion, for example:, I could be of more help with a little more insight as to what you really want. There is certainly no VPN close. The only near approximations would be Coal Fired Pizza in Bradley Beach or Stella Marina in Asbury Park. The latter is also the closest thing to most folks' thoughts when it comes to Italian "authenticity."

      Welcome, enjoy your visit, and if you need a local food geek's take on anything else feel free to ask . . .

      Stella Marina Bar & Restaurant
      1200 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park, NJ 07712