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Jul 22, 2010 08:24 PM

Frozen drinks in advance

I am having a large number of people over for a BBQ and making drinks in the blender on a as needed basis is not practical. I was going to blend them up in advance and store them in containers in the freezer. The alcohol would keep them from being completely frozen and I can scoop them out into glasses with an ice cream scoop. I've done it before and it worked pretty well. I use frozen concentrate of some kind, alcohol and ice, blend and freeze.

Then I got to thinking since the ice is just water, what if I just used water instead and froze it up thereby eliminating the ice and blender. I think the texture may be what suffers though. Any thoughts?

I know people make Italian granitas this way. I think if you go in every XX hours and scrape with a fork, that makes the texture better.

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  1. Use your blender. Sure, if you scrape the ice into submission every few hours you'll get a very acceptable granita texture, but that's not what you're making; blend first and you'll have a finer, more appropriate texture for a frozen drink without all that extra work. Forget scraping the freezing liquid with a fork.

    1. Sure, scrape every half hour or so.

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        My point exactly, and for hours and hours and hours (voice fading). So blend and fuddgetaboudit.

      2. Blending also adds air to the drink.