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Jul 22, 2010 07:17 PM

Driving to Ocean City tomorrow: Where should we eat on the way?

We're driving down to the OC tomorrow from Baltimore and need a good restaurant for yummy no-frills dining. Anywhere near Route 50 between the Bay Bridge and Cambridge would work.
We're traveling with our 5yo daughter so we need someplace casual and kid friendly - but she is a good eater so no kids menu required.

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  1. Try the crabcake and cream of crab soup at The Narrows. Pretty casual with a nice view of the water. I've been with my 3-and-5-year-olds and never had a problem.

    1. I recommend Stevensville Crab Shack
      106 Pier 1 Road
      Stevensville, MD 21666-2600
      (410) 604-2722 For awesome crab cakes!

      When you're in Ocean City you must eat at Ristorante Antipasti!
      This is a true Italian Gem! Food network named this restaurant one of the top 5 Italian Restaurants in the country. They used to have 2 locations in Ocean City with one being a lot closer to Dewey Beach then the other one. Unfortunately the closer location It was on 117th street I believe is gone, They still have their location on 12th street and a more casual smaller menu on the Ocean City Boardwalk. I have dined here atleast 20 times and you will not find a better restaurant. Their fresh homemade pastas are superb. Also, I highly recommend the gnoochi, and for unbelieable meats, the rack of veal, and the garlic steak are to die for. The service is wonderful here and dining here is a true treat. Don't forget to have a cannoli for dessert, also ask for their focaccia bread it is out of this world. They have wonderful wines as well.

      If the chef Fausto DiCarlo opened a restaurant in the DC area he would compete and blow the following Italian restaurants out of the water, Tosca, Siroc, Potenza, Teatro Goldini, (especially after Enzo Fargione was fired) and Sotto Sopra (in Baltimore) It's that amazing! (Unsure about Obelisk as I have yet to dine there


      You must eat here. You will be thanking me later. Enoy.

      Sotto Sopra Restaurant
      405 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

      1430 H Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005

      Siroc Restaurant
      915 15th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005

      1. I've always liked The Crab Deck at Kent Narrows. The place is right on the water. On nice days they have these garage door walls that they open up and there is a nice breeze through the restaurant. Very kid friendly.

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          2nd the crab deck as well as Harrris Crab House both at Kent Narrows

          Crab House
          305 Mulberry St, Saint Michaels, MD 21663

        2. The Narrows has the best crab cake and the best cream of crab soup in the state of Maryland. As of two weeks ago they also had a superb crab gazpacho. They also use lump crab meat from the Chesapeake Bay this time of the year.

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            Joe, did you have the cream of crab soup two weeks ago? The last time I had it there it seemed to be flour-thickened and too thick. I'm hoping to hear that that was an aberration.

            The last couple of times we've been there they've had a wonderful special of fried soft crabs on a salad with crisp frizzled onions and a tasty corn relish. It sounded strange to me from the description, but it really all worked together and was very, very good.

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              We were there about two weeks ago but I ordered crab gazpacho instead of the cream of crab. The last time I had their cream of crab was probably over the winter and then it was exemplery. I should note that I have never liked their vegetable crab. Fried soft shells sound really good-thanks for recommending them. We'll definitely try them.

          2. If you want to miss the crush of humanity at the usual suspects at Kent Narrows, try the Kentmoor Restaurant and Crab House. It's a couple of miles south of US 50 on MD 8 just across the bridge and has everything the others have except the tourist prices. I think the cream of crab soup at the Narrows is now pushing $10 a bowl. It's good, but that's ridiculous. Last time I was at Kentmoor it was $5.99 and was just as good with just as much lump. Only problem - it doesn't open until 11:30, so unless you're getting a late start you'll probably be past it when lunch rolls around.

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              Agreed. Kentmorr rules pretty hard, and they have a gorgeous view of the bay from the Eastern Shore. Try the softshell sliders! Oh God, they're tasty...