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Jul 22, 2010 05:33 PM

Dress code at Max Downtown

I have eaten at every Max restaurant except downtown and finally, we will be heading there for Taste of Hartford Restaurant week and have no idea how to dress.


Max Downtown
City Place, 185 Asylum St., Hartford, CT 06103

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  1. Business casual, I'd say. No tank tops, torn jeans, bathing suits, etc. (But they're classy enough to probably not raise a fuss if you did show up like this.) Suit & tie are not required for men, but about 20% of the crowd may be more formally attired. It's a classy place, you won't be overdressed.

    One of the few participating restaurants where you don't have to ask for the RW menu, and you won't be treated shabbily just because everyone in your party is ordering from the RW menu.

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      Great, Thanks!
      We had ever intention of trying it for years but never made it and it just worked out that they had a reservation open for when we can go.

      1. re: Tinkerbelldee

        For future reference, they're on OpenTable, so it's easy to setup a reservation for when you want.

        1. re: rbailin

          I use OpenTable all the time...I just meant that we never seem to be able to get there :) Thanks

      2. re: rbailin

        Just for the record, I have visited a half-dozen restaurants (not including Max) during Taste of Hartford week and was never treated shabbily anywhere. Only once (Feng) did I have to ask for the Taste menu.

      3. Whenever I'm not sure how to dress, I just call the place and ask. Hasn't failed me yet.

        1. Given the ridiculous heat wave we have been having, I think men could wear chinos or khakis and a button down shirt. Ladies could wear a summery dress with accessories. I don't think anyone is expecting folks to show up in a suit and tie - they'd probably keel over from the heat before making it to the restaurant's front door!

          1. I remember an article in the Hartford Courant years ago where James Taylor was performing at the Hartford Civic Center and was turned away from Max's because he was not wearing a collared shirt.