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Jul 22, 2010 04:31 PM

Is there any southern fried chicken available near Lenox, Ma

Would like to picnic at Tanglewood in August and am looking for a place to get some "southern fried chicken" for the picnic basket. Any ideas in or around Lenox

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  1. Well, according to Google Maps, Tanglewood is roughly 1,300 miles from Kansas City, and I currently don't know of any really great southern fried chicken sources nearby, although if you are desperate, as my wife and I sometimes are, you could try the southern fried chicken at the local Big Y's or (gulp) Price Chopper. There used to be decent fried chicken at Guido's on Lenox-Pittsfield Road, but I haven't seen it lately. In fact, I'm glad you're not going to be picnicking at Tanglewood until August, because I'm as eager as you are to hear about any good suggestions.

    1. Sad to say, there is no GOOD fried chicken to be had close to Tanglewood..... unfortunately, but there are many ways to put together a memorable feast on the lawn.

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        Doubt you'll find any decent fried chicken anywhere in Berkshire County--at least, I haven't in decades I've lived here. But if you do, please let us know!!!!!