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Where oh where can I find a pork picnic - bone-in, skin-on - to smoke around Silverlake? Oh woe is me.

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I've been looking. I went to the Cuban-Spanish market with the butcher over on Chevy Chase in Glendale. They had whole legs - 22-24 lbs, but I'm talking about dinner for four people with a lot, but not that much, leftovers. So I'm looking for 7-9 lbs or thereabouts. I've been to two different Vons - Glendale and Sunset & Virgil, Ralph's, Gelson's even where I asked the butcher, and the previously mentioned Cuban-Spanish market that I forget the name of - Good selection of South American and Spanish canned stuff and sausages, by the way - all to no avail. I was hoping to rub the thing this evening and leave it alone until cooking it on Sunday.

Anyone seen any pork picnics - raw, not precooked and without water injected into them (feh!) - in the vicinity of Silverlake lately?

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  1. haven't seen them, but if you call McCall's Meat and Fish on Hillhurst in Los Feliz, and tell Nathan exactly what you want, he will order it for you.

    McCall's Meat and Fish
    2117 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

    1. I haven't but you may want to call the fancy meat place in Los Feliz, McCall I think (?).

      1. Thanks, found it, sort of. I didn't have time to get it ordered and do what I wanted, so I ended up at the Super A market on Cypress Ave. and Division St., not too far from Super King on San Fernando. It's a big, pretty good Mexican market and they had bone in, pork picnics, not covered in skin as I had hoped, but it will suffice. And at 99 cents a pound, it can't be beat.

        1. Super King in Glassell Park on San Fernando sells Farmer John picnics at a very good price. Their butchers are not bad for the type of market it is.

          1. For future reference, I'm in Orange County, but I've found them often at both Albertson's and Stater Bros.

            1. Jons Markets usually carry them, if not there you can always order them from Maraconda's Meats in the Farmer's Mkt (3rd and Fairfax) - they usually run about 6-8 pounds, with skin -

              Jons Market
              5315 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

              Farmer's Mkt
              W 3rd Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90001

              1. I've been sitting on a nifty-sounding recipe for a few months, and also been looking for one. But I'm reluctant to do a run-of-the-mill (read: loaded with antibiotics and water) pork butt.

                I checked with Whole Foods (hastings: (626) 351-5994) and they get in 40 pound butts, and will cut it to whatever size you want. It's $7 lb organic; $5 lb natural for boneless.

                For bone-in, the one I want, there's a two-to three-week wait and the price is $7 lb for natural.

                Alas, that's too rich for our budget, but the thought of 99-cent pork isn't appealing.

                Readymade.com pulled pork recipe

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                  Just FYI, whole shoulders max out at 18-20 lbs. or so; a "butt" is the upper portion of the shoulder, at 7-10 lbs., and the "picnic" is the lower portion of the shoulder/leg, and weighs a bit less. Stay away from any packages that say "enhanced" or "injected with a solution", and you should be OK for BBQ. I've smoked many .99 cent shoulders and picnics, and they came out perfect. Paying $7/lb. IMHO, is a waste of money.

                2. Sorry to not get this in on time but I thought I'd share since it fits your request nicely. I've been eyeing up the picnic cuts at A-Grocery Warehouse on Sunset in EP. They look really good. I momentarily got lost in a reverie thinking about smoking those puppies up.

                  I'm not sure if the skin is on them. But when I buy pork belly there the skin is on so maybe. You could also ask if they can butcher one for you skin on. Best part is I'm sure they are under $3/lb. I'm sure McCall's could do them for you but personally I hate going to a high-end butcher for a low end cut.