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Jul 22, 2010 03:35 PM

Brulees in Pittsfield, Ma.- Has anyone tried it yet?

Just drove past and saw the lovely facade. Does anyone have feedback on this restaurant or any others that are newly opened in town.

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  1. The "Grand Openning" is today, July 30th. There was an article in the Berkshire Eagle yesterday, but not a lot of details about the food/menu. I'm hoping to check it out sometime next week and will post afterwards.

    1. very dissapointed. poor service; food was undistinquished and unevenly prepared.

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        The article in the Eagle certainly didn't make me want to try.......his cooking and restaurant chops were in question, and the way they described their menu...a little of this and a little of that...sure didn't make me want to stop by. Still, would like to hear from anyone else who has tried it.

      2. My husband and I went there last night for cocktails and decided to stay at the bar for dinner. The bartender was attentive, but when my husband asked for a second drink, on his way to make it, the bartender stopped to chat with another couple. The conversation got lengthy, maybe 5 min., causing quite a delay in my husband getting his drink.

        The atmosphere is very nice and much quieter than it's predecessor, Bobby Hudpucker's. I wished they had put placemats down on the bar once we said we were going to dine there. We had to ask for salt & pepper, which was "stolen" after we ate our salads for another couple dining at the bar. I had to ask later, when additional food was delivered for "our very own set of salt & pepper shakers".

        The salads were good, but served on a flat-ish plate and mouded up to the point where it was very difficult to keep it all on the plate while eating it. We ordered the soup of the day, a hearty Prime Rib & Vegetable with a "touch" of horseradish. Soup only comes by the bowl, so we spit the very large bowl and really enjoyed it. The flavor was superb and it was loaded with little cubes of Prime Rib. We should have stopped there.

        I ordered the Coquilles St. Jacques and my husband order the Steak Au Poivre. There was a choice of sides, rice or potatoes, and it came with the vegetable of the day. My husband ordered his steak well done (I know, I know) and it came out medium rare. I begged him to send it back, but he wouldn't. Instead, he ate around the more well done edges. The sauce was very tasty though.

        My Coquilles had a melted cheese crust that was difficult to break through and underneath was a quite thick, dry, layer of Panko bread crumbs. I had a hard time finding the scallops and kept getting forks full of bread crumbs and cheese sauce. The sauce was flavorless and I was overall very disappointed.

        When the bartender asked how everything was, I told him my husband's steak was not well done, but rather medium rare, but he didn't want to send it back. His response was "Well it's hard to keep burning and burning a good steak". Excuse me??? If they weren't going to cook the steak the way it was ordred, tell us up front. I'm very capable of cooking a good steak well done and still have it tender and juicy. I was disgusted with his response, although he did later apologize that the steak wasn't done to his liking.

        I left there sad and disappointed. I was really hoping it would be good, as it is close to where I live, and downtown really needs some decent draws. We understand that the first couple of months for a new restaurant can be difficult while they work out the kinks, so we will give this place one more try in a month or two, if they make it that long.

        1. The Grand Opening was this week, it was anything but. Our service was horrible, food had to be sent back twice, and the wine selection was on par with Kendall Jackson. Don't wast your time or money.

          1. We've gone a handful of times since they've opened (only a few weeks ago, so they ARE still working out some kinks). We were VERY happy with our experience each time. The food is excellent, and we've tried a variety of their offerings. They've made some great improvements to the space, and the ambiance is quite nice. The wait staff is friendly and helpful, and the prices are reasonable. I would highly recommend it!