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Jul 22, 2010 12:21 PM

Thoughts on Washington Inn, Sellersville PA?

I see that they have a "flight night "coming up August 11th

the menu looks pretty good, but I haven't eaten there in AGES and don't really remember if the food was good or not

(mostly we grab a drink there before catching a show next door at the Sellersville Theater... )

Have they done these flights before? Are they worth it?

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  1. I have done one of the wine flight dinners before and it was really good and worth the price. There were several reps from Capitol Wines in Montgomeryville who served the wines and gave a short description on the selections being served. Not sure who might be there this time, but would not hesitate to recommend it.

    1. I can't speak to the wine/beer dinners, but as a rule I wouldn't make a special trip to The Washington House. It is fine for a pre-concert dinner... or perhaps a good drink special like this, but otherwise it is pretty run of the mill.

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        Average food + far above average prices = an unmemmorable meal you paid way too much for. Nice place to grab a beer/wine and an app with friends but not a dinner destination in my opinion......

        1. re: Schpsychman

          I totally agree with this assessment. Much better to eat in their bar before a show. At least in the bar you can spend less for their mediocre food!

      2. I had several good lunches there between '86 and '91 but, I agree that it would not have been a dinner destination. Also, was the named changed? I remember it as Washington House.

        1. I went to dinner in June with some friends as a somewhat last minute thing (under a few days) and I posted about it after asking for some recs as to where to go.

          Everyone thought their meal was rather good, even if the vegetables weren't seasonal (brussell sprouts) but they were very, very good. We also all had the beer flight which I think was $6 for four 3 or 4oz craft beers.

          I thought the dinner & service was fine for the price range. They might not have the most adventurous menu, but something fine for classic american fare.