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patisserie 46 - Minneapolis

Any thoughts on this new place? I thought the almond croissant was very good - better than Turtle. Oddly, the regular croissant was only so-so? Do they use real butter? Bread was good - nice crust. Coffee was OK, not great. Where are the usual suspects, such as Napoleons - eclairs, tarts etc... Patrick's has a much better selection. Just my quick thoughts. Please add your detailed comments on the other items they offer. Great staff, store and seating, BTW.

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  1. I stopped in the other day and got a variety of cookies, a couple of tarts, and some sort of coconut thing.

    I got the lemon tart for my mom and the chocolate tart for my dad and they both thought they were outstanding.

    I thought the cookies were all fabulous. I got two of about 4 different varieties and my friend and I loved them all. They were out of the sea salt caramel macarons which I was most excited to try (I was there on Friday at 5:30 pm so as I expected, they were out of a few things). My favorite cookie was a butter shortbread thing...I'm sorry I can't remember the name, but it was delicious. Melt in my mouth good.

    I'm also sorry I don't recall what the coconut thing was called. It looked like a snoball, but I should have asked what it was before I purchased it. It was some sort of apricot jell thing in the middle. I didn't care for it, but I don't really like apricot that well so I would say it's my fault for not asking what it was before I ordered it.

    I can't wait to go back in the morning and get pastries for the office. It seems like they are doing a steady business and everyone I've talked to so far has loved it.

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      I too am disappointed that with a name like 'Patisserie...' they aren't having much traditional French pastry. I love a good napoleon, eclair, etc . Why mess with it if it ain't broken? So, I haven't been there yet.....I did read that they had a strange version of an eclair that didn't sound very appetizing. I love Patrick's napoleons with the strawberries on them.

    2. just tried a chocolate chip cookie, chocolate macaron, croissant and the chocolate eclair thing.

      all in all...meh. the cookie was pretty good, the macaron sucked, the croissant was average and the eclair was...Idk...

      Ill stick to Rustica.

      1. We went in for breakfast Sunday. The quiche was excellent- one of the best I've had in the cities, very light and fluffy. I also had a little round bread thing (i don't know what it was called) with sliced almonds and powdered sugar on top. I could have one every day, it was so delicious (plus warm, having come right out of the oven). I love seeing that corner so bustling on a Sunday, with people at Ena and Kings also. Anyway, I really liked it.

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          Late response....the round thing with almonds was probably a bostok. If you like theirs, you'll reallly like Rustica's.

        2. I went this past weekend and recommend the quiche, the coco (confection resembling a Hostess Snoball), and the pistachio mousse and strawberry dessert. The coco was a coconut mousse covered in coconut, on top of a coconut patty and filled with a passion fruit gel. The confections were expensive but delicious. The quiche was studded with ham, cheese and broccoli, and it was probably the best version I have had. The macaron was good, but I like the ones at Sweets Bakeshop better. The signage in the display case should be in a larger font size...it didn't look larger than 10 pt type and was a real pain to read.

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            Yes, I totally agree on the signage...as did everyone around me trying to read the tiny print. I can't believe they haven't fixed that yet, especially when the girl waiting at the counter commented that "no one can read those signs."

          2. I've been wanting to get there ever since I'd read they make canelé de Bordeaux. Picked up four today and they were everthing I'd hoped they'd be. They're upright little columar things, with a carmelized, dark brown, almost black, crunchy thin outside shell surrounding a custardy, tender interior spiked with rum and vanilla. Delicious! The owner told me that they line the mold they use with beeswax, which I've read is essential for getting the proper exterior texture and color.

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              If you want to know more about canele, go to the Home Cooking Board and search for the word. A number of bakers have been singleminded about perfecting their canele, including using the beeswax and copper molds. A lot of technique goes into them. Now that I know this place makes them, I have to get there to try them.

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                Lucia's 'To Go' cafe occasionally has canele.

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                  If you go and buy more than you can eat, Paula Wolfert's suggestions for keeping them work well. She says they don't start deteriorating past 6 hours or so, but you can freeze them in plastic, then take out and put, still frozen, in a 500 degree F oven for 5 minutes. Remove, and let cool till outside hardens again.

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                    The caneles are everything I had hope they would be too. Clepro describes them perfectly! I sampled their eclair and a caramel macaroon. The eclair seems to be a churro with chocolate filling and the macaroon was well executed but too sweet for me. I was excited to see that they are making pretzels as well on the weekends. I hope to return next weekend to sample them. Has anyone tried them? I'm hoping they are like Bavarian pretzels.

              2. Got an eclair there yesterday. Chocolate-filled. I love chocolate, but there were three things wrong; eclairs should have vanilla pastry cream inside, they were too sweet, and even though the filling was brown, there was little to no discernable chocolate flavor. This left a filling tasting mostly of sugar. Even the artsy plank of chocolate glued to the top didn't taste like chocolate. These people need to seriously upgrade the quality of their ingredients. Also, they are trying to be too much, have too much, etc., and failing. They should take note of Rustica, where they do everything beautifully and offer just the right number of products.

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                  I thought eclairs could have any kind of cream filling. Too bad the chocolate one didn't taste all that good.

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                    You're right, they can. I overstated my case. Vanilla is the best, IMO. But the "brown" filling had no chocolate taste at all. Very sad.

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                      I finally made a trip here last week. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I thought it was just sort of okay. I sampled five different things and thought they batted about 50%. The almond croissant was pretty good - nice and light with just enough almond flavor. Both the ginger cookie and the oatmeal raisin cookie were let downs. The ginger was too crunchy for me around the edges, but nice and soft in the center. The flavor was good, but it probably would have been better dunked into ice-cold milk. The oatmeal raisin was just okay. A slice of lemon pound cake eaten later in the day had a nice light taste. It was pretty good but maybe would have been more impressive if I eaten it earlier. I also had a baguette that had a good crunchy crust and a softer (but not too soft) interior. I liked it, but I didn't think it was anything special. I also bought my pooch a dog treat. He really doesn't care too much about food (would rather chase a ball) and he liked it a lot. Anyway, I liked some stuff more than other stuff. The counter help was really helpful and the dog treat was a hit! Bottom line: If I'm driving past and I feel like stopping, I will, but I don't think I'd make a special trip.