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Jul 22, 2010 10:58 AM

Moving to Milwaukee need suggestions on where to shop for food

I am moving to Milwaukee next month and need some advice on where to shop for high quality groceries. Where to get the best vegetables, is there a great local butcher, what stores carry a great cheese selection, who has the best bread etc. I will be living near St Francis but I am willing to drive.

I do a lot of cooking at home and having lived in cities like NY and DC in the past I am a bit spoiled with great shops. I realize of course that Milwaukee is a smaller city but I bet there are a ton of great places I do not know about there.



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  1. Sendik's is a grocery store that is locally owned and operated. The carry high quality foods and have high quality friendly service. They are all over the Milwaukee area. They out shine the local monster chain Pick-N-Save by leaps and bounds.
    Rays Butcher Shop is a great butcher in Greendale. The Farmers market downtown(Milwaukee Public Market) is quality but not the biggest. The West Allis Farmers market offers a variety of vendors on Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays. There are a plethora of local farmers markets held all over the various communities. I'd google milwaukke area farmers markets and you'll come up with a list.

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      Thanks for the suggestions. I googled Sendik's and it looks very promising.

    2. I'm only an infrequent visitor to Milwaukee, but don't miss The Spice House (1031 North Old World Third Street) for fresh spices. Even better than Penzey's!

      Spice House
      1031 N Old World 3rd St, Milwaukee, WI

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      1. Grasch Foods in Brookfield has (personal opinion only) the highest quality of meat in the metro area, they stock only prime beef and lamb, and also routinely have hard to find items in stock. The butchers are also supremely knowledgeable. I do also like Bunzel's on W. Burleigh. They and the St. Paul Fish Co. have the best seafood quality in the area. You do, however, pay a premium for these items at Grasch's. As for produce, I like to shop at some of the Mexican grocers such as El Rey and Pete's produce, both on the south side of Milwaukee. I'd also like to recommend Peter Sciortino's on E. Brady St. for your baker! Finally, for cheese, you'll find many places that have excellent selections such as Whole Foods on E. North, Sendiks on W. Capitol in Brookfield has a full cheese room. Good luck!

        El Rey Restaurant
        616 W Van Buren St, Clinton, IL 61727

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          You made most of the suggestions that I would have, especially El Rey and Bunzel's. I would also include Empire Fish on Watertown Plank Rd and Larry's Brown Deer Market in the old Brown Deer village for cheese. Seven Mile Fair can also be a good place for produce.

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            I currently shop at a nearby Mexican grocer for much of my produce and have been very pleased with it and the prices are a substantial savings over other grocery stores. Thanks for the suggestions!

          2. Outpost. There's one in Bay View, not far from St. Francis. There's also a great farmer's market in Bay View. Outpost is a local co-op. Pretty great.

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              Wanted to report back and let you know I have tried many of the suggestions that were given and have been just delighted with all of it. Your input has made my transition to Milwaukee so much easier and tastier!