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Jul 22, 2010 10:17 AM

Fluffy debate -- fluffernutter sandwiches

OK, a recent discussion on retro dishes got us started on the topic of fluffernutter sandwiches, and it leads me to the question: is it really a fluffernutter if you use healthy ingredients (whole grain bread rather than wonder bread, etc.)? Who's a PB purist? And also, I'm curious, which is best to use: mini mallows, jumbo mallows or marshmallow creme?

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  1. No mallows. Marshmallow fluff is what is used in Massachusetts. It is manufactured by Durkee-Mower, Inc. Lynn, MA . For recipe ideas visit Healthy or not my adult children loved them as kids. I still do - but in moderation these days.

    1. Definitely marshmallow fluff/creme. I been using natural peanut butter for so long, I find standard Jiff/Skippy has a Crisco-like mouth feel and doesn't taste peanutty enough, so I guess I'm a PB purist is the other direction. I think whole grain sandwich bread is OK for a fluffernutter as long as it's soft/light. Don't use bread that is too crusty/chewy. Come to think of it, fluffernutter on challah sounds pretty good...

      1. I think a whole grain bread is ok as long as the fluffernutter taste is the predominant taste. And yes Fluff in a jar or tub or whatever it comes in these days. I have enough problems monitoring where the Fluff ends up. Making it from scratch would be a little more work than I think I would expend on a fluffernutter sandwich.

        1. Of course it's still a fluffernutter sandwich if you use healthy ingredients. What, you think peanut butter is *not* healthy? I'd argue that peanut butter deserves a permanent seat on the pantheon on healthy foods.

          As to the type of marshmallows? I'd prefer fluff by Durkee-Mower's, but really a "deconstructed" fluffernutter would be kind of cool, no?

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            "I'd argue that peanut butter deserves a permanent seat on the pantheon on healthy foods."

            I wholeheartedly agree! It gets a bad rap, but I believe peanut butter is the prefect food. Great balance of protein, carbs, fat. My Swedish friend think it's vile, but they also swear that salmon paste in a tube is pure deliciousness - uck! :)

          2. Accept no substitute.
            Fluffernutter sandwiches were what I ate for lunch through grammer school and consisted of marshmallow fuff made in Lynn, MA and Teddy's peatnut butter made about 10 miles away in Everett, MA on a white wonder bread.

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            1. re: Infomaniac

              That is the stuff of good MA childhoods! :)