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the avenue long branch

Last night we tried the avenue for a special occasion dinner. The train wreck started when we walked into the lobby and stepped on broken glass, not shattered, large pieces of broken glass. The four hostesses standing there with blank looks on their faces said "oh yeah, someone broke a glass there"..ok, we decided to sit outside after the first table offered was one of those cramped in two-tops between another couple...server takes our drink order and disapears for a good 10-15 min to the point the hostess came over and asks if anyone has seen us yet..we watched her give our drinks to another table..ok no big deal..we get the cocktails and if there was liquor in them it was trace amounts($12 each)..ok no big deal its summer and they gotta make their money..i get the first item on the menu..french onion soup..probably get it everywhere i go and have had it in 50 diff restaurants...it comes out with what appears to be an oil slick 1inch deep floating on top. it was actually seperating. the cheese was not even close to being gruyere as advertised, it was way closer to a boardwalk mozzerella....for the first time in my life i sent back a soup, french onion at a french restaurant none the less. the servers words were "yeah that doesnt look too appetizing"...the $10 bibb salad was litterally 8 dry lettuce leaves...but thats ok because the star of the evening was cooking, a medium rare $84 3lb bone in ribeye for two...it was presented to the table cooked..beautiful, thought he was going to slice it tableside..nope, it went back to the kitchen for what had to be 12-15 minutes. Our server came over as we waited and told us it was a "french thing" to show the meat and then take it away..we warned her we ordered med rare and she assured us it would be juicy and delicious...well it was sliced roast beef thin and gray. Never in my life have i left a restaurant without eating...The chef who was working, i asked, never came out and the manager was only concerened that our server "took care of us" whatever that means...what a shame, that restaurant doesnt deserve the view it has

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  1. Sorry to hear that. It must have been an off night. Maybe something happened at the beginning of the night and they just never recovered. We went last Monday and we had such a delightful experience, from the service to the food. I did experience the 4 hostess at front and all of them except one did not know what was going on. I hate to say it but I would give them another chance, maybe on a Monday or Tuesday.

    1. Mighty dreadful. I hope it didn't cost you too much. At least you get to keep the story, right??

      As to Avenue, we had one meal there, the food was ok, but I cannot imagine that I'd ever go back. One can eat at Nicholas or Trinity and spend less. More importantly, Avenue's food is nowhere near as tasty or inventive as that presented by either of those restaurants. (For what it's worth, I couldn't help noting the "blind leading the blind" hostess team as well.)

      1. Sorry to hear about your experience, I've never sat down for a meal at Avenue - because for that money I'll ALWAYS rather go to Nicholas - but they have a great happy hour deal, and on Fridays it's all night. 5$ martinis and half price bar menu. If you ever decide to give it another shot maybe try for Friday night happy hour.

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          I wish I'd never sat down for a meal at Avenue and I will never give them another chance. From the posts I've read and local friends I gather they are, at best, hit or miss, and they missed with me big time. They totally ruined my anniversary lunch and then compounded it by not even trying to make things right. They don't deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Nicholas. Dinner at Avenue? I'd rather go to Popeyes.

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            C'mon Seal, tell us how you REALLY feel. ;)

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              Lol. I guess what I am trying to say is I don't particularly care for them. ;o)

        2. I only believe every single word of what you've written.

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            What is your opinion coldbeer? Have you been there? You have been to a wide variety of restaurants.

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              I went there sans reservation and was treated like a leper, decided to have an appetizer and drink at the bar...waited 40 mins for some oysters and got a bad one. Walked out $70 dollars lighter. So we went to Sirena and had a nice fat boy veal chop at one of the tables in the bar area. It was good, as was the pasta w/ bolognese the wife enjoyed. While we sipped our brunello three roly-poly pinky ring types eating outside (we were inside separated by a large plate glass window) began to inhale their veal chops. One inhaled too hard and was rewarded with a plug of young cow in his esophagus. He popped up, a mere three feet from my and grabbed his throat. His friends bagan slapping him on the back to no avail. He's knocking over chairs, flailing about, until a diminuative women of 55 years or so arrives on the scene and
              attempts to get her arms around this soon to be former pisane. She just makes it, tries to pick him up for the squeeze, but he's to big so they both hit the deck. Luckily, the way he fell with her best attempt to disgorge the collop of flesh was enough to send it flying. We heard not a sound, but watched this all unfold less then 5 feet away. We saw people clapping, and the former blue tinged patron sat down
              and reordered...this time the pasta bolognese. So while I never had a full bore meal at Avenue, had I been treated better I would have missed the spectacle at Sirena. The End.

              1. re: coldbeer

                That meal was far from "bore"ing. :)

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                  Isn't Sirena owned by the Pier Village Corp like Avenue also?

                  Pier Village
                  30 Laird St, Long Branch, NJ

                  1. re: Tapas52

                    The same gentlemen that owns avenue is also partners with Undici but I do not think he is part of Sirena. I will find out.

                    11 West River Road, Rumson, NJ 07760

                    1. re: pmt1111

                      pmt1111 thank you good to know

                      1. re: Tapas52

                        The owners name is Anthony Dieaco(?) of the Avenue and Pier Village complex but i am almost positve he does not own Sirena. Like I said he is part owners with unidici.

                        Pier Village
                        30 Laird St, Long Branch, NJ

                        1. re: pmt1111

                          ok thanx probably just rumor since they are so close together.

                    2. re: Tapas52

                      Sirena is owned by Joseph and Michael Cetrulo (of Scalini Fedeli and Il Mondo Vecchio fame) and Kenneth Mansfield. They also are part owners with Dennis Tafuri in Stella Marina.

                      Scalini Fedeli
                      63 Main Street, Chatham, NJ 07928

                      Stella Marina Bar & Restaurant
                      1200 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park, NJ 07712

                      Il Mondo Vecchio
                      72 Main St Ste 1, Madison, NJ 07940

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                        Thanx bgut1

                    3. re: coldbeer

                      Dinner and a show!

                      1. re: Bob Martinez

                        I was at Sirena a couple of weeks ago..Didn't like the food or service at all....but I would go again to see Cold Beer's episode!!