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Jul 22, 2010 09:30 AM

Fresh seafood in Center City that isnt overpriced

So far I've been really frustrated with finding decent fresh seafood in center city. I had an easier time finding fresh seafood that wasn't overpriced when I lived in the midwest. I'm looking for a place where I'm not paying an arm and a leg to buy a peice of fish or shellfish that isn't half way to the compost pile yet. Most of the fish I see at reading terminal is way old, same goes with the italian market. If theres good seafood there and I just havn't looked hard enough let me know. Also, a place to buy live blue crabs would be nice.

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  1. Not Center City, but not far: Anastasi's at 9th & Washington, SE corner. Great quality, great prices. Live crabs, too. Ippolito's in South Philly is also good, but more expensive.

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      Actually they just opened an Anastasi's in the Bellevue (Broad and Walnut) food court. It isn't their full store, but they have a nice list of options and very reasonable prices.

    2. while I usually get my fish at Ippolito's (13th and Dickenson) or Anastasi's, I do often get fish at the RTM and I have never gotten old fish. Perhaps yoou need to try a different vendor. People also swear by under the C at the comcast center

      1. Try Under the C at Comcast Center (18th and JFK entrance). Their lobster is expensive, but other than that, the seafood is very reasonable and always delicious.

        Second Anastasi's for live or cooked crabs.

        1. I live in center city and I get my fresh fish from Under the C Seafood all the time! I never had a bad experience with their fish and it's always fresh. Their fresh seafood selection is not that big but they also own two other vendors. One in RTM called jonny yis and one in Ardmore farmers market. I was around ardmore last week with my wife so we decided to check out the ardmore farmers market and they have very large selection of fresh seafood. You can pretty much find any fish you need. They recommended Sockeye Salmon so I purchased two filets for me and my wife and it was really fresh and delicious. If you live near Admore farmers market, i suggest checking it out. Probably the best fish experience I ever had in my life.

          1. OHHH btw if you like Lobster Roll, Under the C Seafood has the BEST lobster roll. It's bit pricy for lunch but again it's lobster and you can't beat the price they offer. I would go back there everyday to eat them if I had the money