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Jul 22, 2010 09:27 AM

Fat-free greek yogourt in Vancouver

Hello all

I am a huge fan of greek yogourt, but have a hard time justifying the 18g of fat in half a cup in the varieties I seem to find here. On a recent trip to California I fell in love with a few of the brands of FF greek yogurt that seem to be every where such as Chobani as well as the Icelandic style Siggi's.

Does anyone know of a place to buy a fat free (or even lower fat) version of greek yogurt in the Vancouver area?

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  1. I think the closest you can get to fat free Greek yogurt would be the fat free Liberte yogurt. I saw them on sale at IGA Marketplace. I think Save on Foods also carries them.

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      1. Nope - if you find it let me know. I have been dying to try Fage that everyone talks about in the US. They are just bringing Greek yougurts into stores now I am noticing - but like you the 15 - 18% fat is more for an occasional dessert treat - and to be honest it is actually too thick to enjoy on it's own.

        Most of the FF or low fat yougurts I find here are just too runny. I have on occasion strained the yougurts as the only option to get it low fat and thick.

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