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Jul 22, 2010 09:13 AM

What do you pack in your kids' lunches?

As a follow up to a nostalgic thread about our childhood favorites I would love to find out what you pack as a parent. My child is supremely picky and would rather eat a bagel from the lunchline than the balance meal the school serves. We have some standby lunches that I throw together when necessary but I would like to start the upcoming school year off with enjoyable homemade lunches. Any sides that help me to avoid the fruit snack aisle would be great too.

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  1. I sit down with the kids and make of list of what type of bread, meats, cheese, toppings, condiments, fuit, veggies, dips, & snacks they like. Then each week they choose what I should buy for their lunches. Sometimes they are happy with a bagel & cream cheese, other times, they want a proscuitto, fontina, tapenade on ciabatta. I try to keep a variety going. My youngest daughter loves leftovers, we either put them in a thermos or she heats them at school in the microwave. Soups are a good choice too. Homemade chicken noodle is alwasy a hit. When I make a pot of soup, I set some aside w/o the noodles & freeze them in individual portions. Then the morning they want it for lunch, I cook some egg noodles while packing the rest of the food.
    We do let them take chips & crackers & sometimes fruit snacks. Homemade cookies or borwnies are nice. Pudding, jello or yogurt are a hit too.
    It takes a bit of planning, but my kids rarely eat school lunches. Plus what they don't eat at school, becomes an after school snack.

    1. I don't have a kid, but I do pack my husband's lunch for him. He gets a sandwich (usually ham and swiss) on either sourdough or rye, with arugula and mayo. Lately, I've been adding carrot sticks and homemade bread and butter pickles to his menu. He also gets a piece of fruit. If I've been baking (which isn't recently, its too hot!) I'll give him a cookie or slice of cake.

      Today, he took leftover penne carbonara, roasted squash and a dish of seedless watermelon.

      He claims his coworkers are all jealous of his lunches, because they all end up eating frozen dinners or fast food.