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Jul 22, 2010 08:58 AM

Breakfast in Bloomingdale

Hi all - I'll be visiting my husband's family in Bloomingdale on a Sat , driving back to O'Hare on Sunday for a noon-ish flight. Any great breakfast/brunch places either in Bloomingdale or on the way to the airport?

Also, any cool bars (or late night dessert places for that matter) in Bloomingdale in case there's an after party?


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  1. response, i'm worried. I made myj flight for 2 instead, have more time to drive out of the way, and eat brunch rather than breakfast. Anything? Gourmet markets? I'm geographically impaired in chicago, so I don't know which areas to ask about. Thanks.

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      I don't know much about Bloomingdale other than where it is, and I'm not even sure which way you would go to O'Hare - probably I-290 east to I-294 north, although you could instead take I-290 west (it's actually northbound but marked as west) to I-90 east.

      I can give you some suggestions for breakfast or brunch places that are not in Bloomingdale but not that far out of the way and worth the extra distance.

      For a really great brunch, go to Shaw's Crab House in Schaumburg. They have a huge buffet with all kinds of seafood as well as the usual breakfast foods. Not cheap ($40) but very good. Plus you can make a reservation on so there's no worry about waiting a long time to be seated.

      We have a very special group of high-end pancake houses called Walker Brothers, featuring stained glass and wood decor, and extremely high quality food. Don't miss the amazing, puffed-up, cinnamony Apple Pancake, and the German Pancake is pretty special too. The omelets and other dishes are also excellent. The most convenient location to you is the one in Arlington Heights, on Dundee near IL-53. Allow extra time for waiting in line on Sundays unless you go early.

      There are two other pancake houses in Hoffman Estates that are a little closer than that, but not really all that special IMHO based on my own experience there. One is Richard Walker's, which is a relative of Walker Brothers but not as good. The other is Apple Villa.

      There's a place right in Bloomingdale called Shiraz on the Water and it has this listing in for their brunch: "A Fabulous Sunday Brunch W. Made-To-Order Omelettes, Fresh Seafood, Hand-Carved Prime Rib, Chocolate Fountain, Kid'S Knee-High Buffet, & More! Sip Champagne & Listen To Renowned Harpist 11Am-2Pm." I know absolutely nothing about this place so it could be great or terrible, but it's brunch and it's in Bloomingdale and you can make a reservation for it. Similarly, there's a place in nearby Carol Stream called Jade Asian Infused that I also know nothing about; its listing in Opentable says "Sunday All Around The World Brunch Buffet ($15)/Person. Asian, Italian, French Fusion Dishes & Many More!"

      I hate to mention places that I haven't already tried myself, but these two places are both in or near Bloomingdale. (And maybe someone here has been to either of those and can provide a positive or negative recommendation based on first-hand experience.) In the absence of more information, I think your best bet is the buffet at Shaw's, but if the $40 price is a turn-off, then I would consider Walker Brothers in Arlington Heights.


      1. re: danna

        Sorry I took so long...had a hard time connecting to this site...But anyway...I love Bloomingdale. I've lived here for over 30 yrs. -

        I would highly recommend Rooster's on Lake Street. Corner of Lake and Bloomingdale Rd. They have great food anytime of the day. It's an old barn that is very neat! They do have a BOGO if you can find the coupon too!

        Hint: to get to O'Hare...Go east on Lake street to Rowling Rd. Turn left. Go to the first light ...turn right and then turn right on Irving Park...all the way to Mannhim (sp!) turn left and presto.. cuts out the tolls and cuts your drive in half!

        Hope you have a great visit and enjoy B-dale as much as we do!


        1. re: mkcs

          WOW! Thanks KC for the rec and especially for the driving directions. My husband always complains about the tolls. We don't have those in SC.

          nsxtasy - thanks for all those choices. The seafood brunch and the pancakes both appeal to me. Of course, the Shiraz place sounds fascinating, and slightly comedic! Just like a wedding with the roast beef and the chocolate fountain...right down to Champagne and harp music. This idea might be the favorite of my likely to be hung-over siblings-in-law.