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New Bedford dinner and breakfast suggestions

hoolese Jul 22, 2010 07:21 AM

On the way back to Cambridge from the beach we went to New Bedford and had a great time so decided to go back and stay the night this weekend. Last time we went to a brick oven pizza place that was really tasty but wanted to try something else this time, with table service. Any ideas? I have heard there is a Portugese place (Antonios) that sounds good and a Tapas place (Cork) that Im not sure about. Those types of restaurants are available in Boston so if they are particurly good its worth going, but maybe there is something more unique to New Bedford? Anyway, any suggestions of other places or are those two really good. Any great little ethnic places? Breakfast?


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    scratchie RE: hoolese Jul 22, 2010 07:39 AM

    You might try the Southern NE board.

    1. j
      joth68 RE: hoolese Jul 22, 2010 08:15 AM

      Antonios is fantastic and better than what we have available here in boston in my mind. Cork is decent but nothing special.

      It has been a while since I have been, but the shawmut diner used to be good for breakfast.

      A linquica, egg, and cheese sandwich on a cheese roll can be found on many breakfast menus down there and I highly recommend.

      Other recommendations nearby:
      Fairhaven - Margarets nice little restaurant with byob
      Mattapoisett - Turks, Oxford Creamery, Mattapoisett Chowder House

      Oxford Creamery
      98 County Rd, Mattapoisett, MA 02739

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        fesenjan RE: joth68 Jul 22, 2010 09:21 AM

        Definitely second Margaret's. Small but well worth a visit. They have breakfast (or did when I lived in the area a few years back). Another breakfast place, homestyle-type, is the Courtyard in a little strip mall on Rt 6 in Fairhaven.

        Portuguese would be very "authentic to New Bedford," believe me. In addition to Antonio's there's also Vasco da Gama. There is also a waterfront seafood place, Davy's Locker, that is popular (not that great in my book).

        Davy's Locker
        1480 E Rodney French Blvd, New Bedford, MA 02744

        1. re: joth68
          taddybelle RE: joth68 Jul 22, 2010 01:55 PM

          Antonio's is our favorite Portuguese restaurant in New Bedford, the food is outstanding and the portions enormous. The dining room has recently been redecorated and the staff is very friendly; it's a great dining experience.

          1. re: taddybelle
            mrwynter RE: taddybelle Sep 30, 2010 06:11 PM

            had a great lunch at Antonio's last week and will try Vasco de Gamma Sat. night. Any updates?

        2. k
          kimfair1 RE: hoolese Oct 1, 2010 12:02 PM

          Avoid Davy's Locker like the plague unless you are 85 and like your food completely without taste. For seafood in New Bedford try The Waterfront Grille, much better seafood than Davy's.

          Davy's Locker
          1480 E Rodney French Blvd, New Bedford, MA 02744

          Waterfront Grille
          36 Homers Wharf, New Bedford, MA 02740

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          1. re: kimfair1
            mrwynter RE: kimfair1 Oct 3, 2010 08:16 AM

            I recommend you avoid Vasco de Gamma. I ate there last night. It was empty, not a good sign at 7:30 on a Sat. night. Our waitress was sweet. I asked what she recommended and went with her rec, the paella. My dining companion had the seafood platter. Our dishes were the same but mine had a soupy sauce on the rice. Both dishes featured old tasting clams (4), shrimp (4) and lobster in fact the claws on both plates were empty. The tail meat was stuck to the shell and inedible on his plate. DInner with coke, one wine and two entrees with 20% tip was 37.00. Thank goodness the company saved the dinner.

            1. re: mrwynter
              CapeCodGuy RE: mrwynter Oct 3, 2010 10:20 AM

              Just curious, but what initially prompted you to try Vasco de Gamma .?

              Next time try Margarets, just over the bridge in Fairhaven. Quite a bit of Portuguese influenced food and well worth the visit.

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