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Jul 22, 2010 06:33 AM

Terra Restaurant

I am taking my husband to Terra on Saturday for our anniversary.

Any suggestions as to what I should or should not order?

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  1. My husband usually has the fish and I just love the lamb! They change the menu every night so you will fine something for everyone. Have an espresso martini later they are sooo good. Enjoy!!!

    1. If they still have the grilled/broiled Moroccan octopus on their menu? Order it! One of the best if not the best grilled octopus I've had in North America. Even better tasting than NYC's Babbo! And the latter is a Michelin one star!!

      1. Be prepared to spend some time! We've eaten there a few times, and the service, to be generous, is not the quickest.

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          The last time I was there it was for a family event and our seven course tasting menu for the 12 of us took about four hours. It was a long evening to say the least!!! :-)