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Jul 22, 2010 06:10 AM

Bia Bistro- Cohasset

I'm surprised to see that there has been absolutely nothing on this board about Bia. Has anyone ever been? Going on Friday and am curious what others think. It's been on my radar for a while but it's out of the way. By all accounts is supposed to be a solid dinning option where there are relatively few choices.

Bia Bistro
35 S Main St, Cohasset, MA 02025

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  1. Really great- best option in Cohasset for sure. Place is charming- and food consistantly excellent- Fun flatbreads- excellent pastas usually a decent seafood offering. Its a seasonable menu- so the excellent Beef shortribs may not be available right now- but try the hanger steak! I really like it- sure you will as well. Service is warm but not pushy.. enjoy

    Bia Bistro
    35 S Main St, Cohasset, MA 02025

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      Ditto, it is in my parents' regular rotation and I have been with them on occasion and really enjoyed it. Only complaint is that it can be loud, but since they expanded there are some quieter parts of the restaurant.

    2. Not exactly true...... I posted about them last summer. I haven't been back since the chef/owner handed over the stoves to the former chef of Riva in January so he could concentrate on his Irish Pub in Norwell called Tinker's Son (which BTW is horrendously bad pub food), so I can't comment on it's current chef or changes, better or worse. I've enjoyed many meals at Bia prior to the change, particularly the popular duck dish and Guinness short ribs. It's small and loud but fun and a table on the deck is great this time of year.

      As an aside Oro in Scituate is ten minutes south, going very strong, and a solid choice for the area. Also small and a bit loud.

      1. Wanted to report back. First impression was that the space is much larger than i though it would be. And the food was very good. But the service was some of the worst I've experienced.

        We were a group of four.

        Apps- Duck Tostada (typically a bar menu item but allowed to order at the table) was fantastic as were the P.E.I mussels and the toasted buttery bread that accompanied made the dish. Two others split a large antipasto salad that was somewhat pedestrian but of good quality.

        Main: Two had the short ribs, one had a scallop special, another had a flatbread. The flatbread is large, think small personal pizza. And it was pretty good.
        The short ribs were tender and flavorful but it was the blue cheese mashed potatoes that took top billing.
        The scallop special, at $26, was a total let down. It consisted of arugula, a handful of small sauteed scallops and cold boiled red potatos. It was a strange dish that sounded much more enticing than it looked on the plate.

        Dessert: strawberry apple rhubarb crisp and a molten chocolate cake. Both were average.

        Service: here's where the real problem occured. We arrived early, 5:30, and were the first table seated. The waiters knowledge of the menu was lacking and though nice enough, he had a really hard time juggling the six tables in the room. We finished our apps and the plates remained on the table until well after our mains were delivered before being removed by the hostess(?). Having been a server, I feel that leaving dirty plates on the table after the next course has been delivered is akin to yelling fire in a crowed room. It's wrong for so many reasons. After our mains were delivered, we never saw the waiter again until he took our dessert order. So I was pretty thirsty after I finished my glass of wine halfway through the meal but figured i'd have a glass of port with dessert. The waiter had to check with the bar and, no, they weren't offering port that night. We ordered Dessert at 7PM. After 20 minutes we were all scratching our heads but our waiter had still not checked in with us. What made this totally unacceptable was that he continually passed by us as he was waiting on all of his other tables. At 7:25 he told us dessert would be right out. At 7:35 the dessert arrived. I've never waited this long for dessert....ever.

        after reading reviews on another food board, i found that the service is an issue for many diners at Bia. it's too bad becuase if it were just a little better, the food is good enough to warrant the drive out to the middle of nowhere. Unfortutnately, I'm in no hurry to rush back.