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Jul 22, 2010 05:47 AM

Jacksonville - Know of any restaurant that will fry my turkey?

I'm trying to free up space in my freezer and I would like to fry a turkey. I live in an apartment and cannot fry it myself. I know around Thanksgiving some restaurants advertise they will fry your turkey for a fee. Is there any place around Jax that does this year round? The closer to Riverside / San Marco the better.

San Marcos Restaurant
3351 17th St, Sarasota, FL 34235

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  1. Hmmm... I doubt it. Generally this gets set up so one can do a whole bunch at a time by various churches or clubs, etc. If I had to pick one place to check in the area, you might ask the boys at Kickbacks what their suggestions would be. Doubt if they'd do it there, but they might have some ideas, and you can keep drinking tasty beers until you find a solution to your problem. Between the staff on hand and the patrons, you might get a plan together.