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Jul 22, 2010 05:19 AM

Fish - fantastic food, but otherwise disappointing

My husband and I met another couple at Fish last night. The food was outstanding -- every dish executed to utter perfection. The skate was, in a word, sublime. However, everything else about our experience was lousy.

The service was lackluster. Our waiter did not do justice to ANY of the dishes he described. He was impossible to track down, entirely unenthusiastic, and generally seemed unhappy to be there.

The room was way too warm (summer nights in Philly are hot -- last night was not an exception), and it was way too loud. We were practically screaming at each other all evening.

It's a small thing, but the bread was horrible, too. After we placed our orders, a waiter came by and placed a small piece of white bread on each of our bread plates. This bread can best be compared to a sliced, day-old hoagie roll.

Overall, the atmosphere and service didn't match the food. If the room had been cool and a little more quiet, and the service had been attentive, we would have had an entirely different experience. After last night, I am not in a hurry to go back....

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  1. That's a shame and not typical of Fish's very good service, bread and atmosphere. Everyone gets a clunker of a waiter once in a while but all patrons deserve consistently good service. You're right, with all hard surfaces the place is loud.

    1. Weird. When we were there we got great service but I was not enthralled by the food (except for the scallops, peekytoe crab and the dessert that was tops). You are totally right about the bread though...your description was perfect. You can get better bread just about anywhere and you'd think if they put so much effort into the rest of the food they would not overlook these things. At least someone could stroll to the Rittenhouse Market a few blocks away?

      1. Hmm, I was there last week for my boyfriends birthday. The service and bread was great. They had tremendous wine discriptions and overall enthusiasm for the food. The bread and especially the butter were fantastic as well as all the food (peekytoe crab, scallops, skate, monkfish, blueberry cobbler.)