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Jul 22, 2010 05:04 AM

Buddha Bodai reviewed in the WSJ

I have no affiliation with the restaurant, just thought it was nice that the Journal finally reviewed a kosher place.

Supervision is Vaad Harabonim Lemeshmeret Hakashrut - Rabbi Israel Mayer Steinberg

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Since there are virtually NO vegan restaurants in Nassau/Western Suffolk, I went to Buddha Bodai in Flushing for lunch today. It's the sister restaurant of the one in Chinatown. I've been excited to try their stuff for a while.
      There were lots of Chinese people eating lunch when I got there, which I took as a good sign. I debated for some time which dish to order telling the lady that I didn't want greasy, fried or spicy. She made some recommmendations- I ordered the lunch special of Shredded "Beef" with Bean Sprouts. It came with a pumpkin-mushroom soup and brown rice.
      Now I am not one to limit my salt intake. I like my food with a good shake of salt. This food was absolutely inedible. The soup tasted like it had a chicken base, so I am guessing it was made with TONS of pareve consomme powder. The main dish was even worse. It was basically a bottle of salt in an inch of oil. The best thing in the meal was the part of the Plain Steamed brown Rice that didn't touch the sauce.
      I was super-disappointed and my body actually ached after eating maybe 1/6 of the dish (I was starving). Dislike!