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Jul 22, 2010 12:36 AM

Molly Maguires now open in Lansdale

My friend John (givemetomatoes) went there on monday I think and raved about it. Trying to get him to post. He said they were busy. I won't be able to resist trying the place soon. I guess I can give up local corn for one night.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up! I'm definitely anxious to read a full report about it and even more excited to visit soon...

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    1. re: SnowCat

      Yes, they're open, they've had a limited menu as it's been a soft open this week.
      They have mostly high end beers on tap (bud drinkers, you're going to have to settle for bottles)
      As of today, I THINK they'll have a full bar
      so far, here's what my family and friends have tried there (all of which I'd recommend)

      Reuben Spring roll – tender corned beef, sauerkraut & swiss in a spring roll wrapper, deep fried and served with thouand island dressing on the side (TDF)

      Calamari is sprinkled with a touch of fresh garlic as soon as it comes out of the fryer and it’s perfectly crisp and tender with that wonderful smell/taste of garlic wafting up your nose when you bite into it!

      The turkey and corned beef reubens are equally as good (try it with cole slaw for a change up) the meat is tender and not too salty, served on thickly sliced marble rye

      If you’re into bangers and mash (which my husband IS) he says they’re very good
      The colcannon is really tasty and freshly made every day and the onion gravy they pour over is rich and delicious

      We’ve tried the lamb stew, which has tender chunks of lamb and big pieces of veggies, perfectly cooked and has such a rich buttery flavor (yet surprisingly lean, no grease there)

      Shepards Pie was also EXCELLENT with smashed red potatoes

      My daughter had the cod sandwich, the batter is kind of plain but very light & crispy and the fish was tasty and not greasy at al;

      They also have GREAT french fries

      If you bring your kids, they’ll try to stick you in the front of the building with all the traffic rather than walk you by the bar… do yourself a favor and ask for a seat in the back or upstairs

      BTW, the outside seating/bar area is not open yet, due to some boro regulations, but I understand that they’re making the necessary changes/adjustments and will have it open while it’s still nice enough outside to enjoy ‘roof top’ dining in Lansdale

      The place is narrow, but still surprisingly roomy and the interior design is just beautiful. I like colors (reds, golds, dark woods) and the over all “feel” of the place with TWO fire places I’m sure that it’ll be a cozy hang out in the winter as well as a cool place to eat/see live entertainment

      Lansdale has needed a place like this for a long time, so I’m happy to see its’ finally here and hope that more restaurants like it will find their way into our little town.

    2. Visited this weekend. The full menu is now available and they had live music Friday and Saturday night. The place was packed.

      Do NOT order the fish and chips. The batter was heavy and the fish was slimy and off tasting. The chips (fries) were great though! Crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

      The crabcake sandwich was decent and the sweet potato fries were perfect! I would definitely go back.

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      1. re: SnowCat

        Hi Snowcat, they need time to work out some “kinks” and get consistent. They were down a fryer this weekend so maybe that had something to do with the difference in the fish that we had and your experience.

        They were completely overwhelmed this past weekend and got a much bigger turn out than they had expected

        We drove past on Saturday and people were wrapped around the building waiting for a seat at dinner time… that’ll dwindle a little.

        Their “official” grand opening (ribbon cutting and all) will be in September (no I don’t work there, I just know someone who does)

        1. re: cgarner

          You're probably right regarding the consistency issues. I actually was there three different times over the weekend and everything coming out of the kitchen looked really good! I also agree with your previous post that Lansdale has needed a place like this for a long time. I'll probably still be avoiding the fish though... I had stomach issues for the rest of the night b/c of it! I think for my next visit, I'll go with some of the items you recommended in your other post...

          1. re: SnowCat

            Dija see "Paris Hilton" waitressing? (seriously the one girl is a dead ringer for the infamous Ms. Hilton)

            1. re: cgarner

              LOL! Yes, she was my waitress. And my dining companion made the comment "she looks just like Paris".

      2. Only speaking from experience at the Phoenixville Molly Maguires, the wings on the menu, are the hottest regular wings i've ever had without telling them to make them hot. They are delicious, and i like the heat. Not sure if it was just our batch or not. Just an FYI. Nothing a nice guiness can't tame though.

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        1. re: VTRP

          So where in Lansdale is this place?

            1. re: truffles2

              It's right on main street in lansdale not far from the corner of main & broad,

              there is a huge municipal lot in the back with meters, there's no charge after 6 and if you're there for lunch, the meters are cheap!

              1. re: cgarner

                I've never posted here before (except for above). I might be going for lunch tomorrow and will report. We are excited about having Molly's in town!

                1. re: Imalaffer

                  There are two threads on this restaurant now. Can they somehow be merged?


                  1. re: chowchower

                    I didn't know which one to respond too!

                    Anyway, we went for lunch. The upstairs was open, but we ate downstairs. I loved the colors they chose for the decor.

                    One friend ordered a Reuben, which he liked, and the other ordered the fish and chips. Now, when he ordered that, I inwardly cringed - A: because of the above review, and B: this person is a notorious picky eater.

                    Turns out he loved the fish, however wasn't crazy about the chips (told ya!!) which were like steak fries. He said he'd have preferred our fries - we had other, regular fries, which I loved.

                    I ordered a Boxty, Bacon Cheeseburger, and OMG I loved it! Never had one before, but have a feeling it will be one of many. The boxty was big, and I had to take half home with me.

                    Anyway, I've been hearing a lot about their beer prices being high. I prefer it that way. Sounds strange, yes? If you've ever been to any of the other bars in Lansdale, you would understand completely why this is welcome. Especially with drug dealing in the bathrooms, urinating in the parking lots, etc. Who wants to go out for a halfway decent meal and put up with that kind of garbage?

                    1. re: Imalaffer

                      Oh, and we parked in the back lot (Madison) and I popped a quarter in (I never paid for parking there before) and I got 3 hours!!!

                      1. re: Imalaffer

                        What's a Boxty? I googled it after I saw it on the menu, but the description I found didn't help much. What makes it special?

                        As to the fish and chips... i really did like the chips alot. This could also be because i have a tendency to enjoy all things potato! I think when it comes to fish, I'm used to a lighter beer batter. I just felt that what i got at MMs was heavy and bland, but i'm more than willing to conceed that the restaurant is probably still working out the kinks.

                        There's a place in Bethlehem (Donegal Square) that has AMAZING fish and chips.

                        1. re: SnowCat

                          A boxty is something like a cross between a potatoe pancake and hash browns, usually served with some sort of topping which could be veggie, meat, etc. They also serve these at Shanchie's in Lansdale and they are excellent.

                          1. re: truffles2

                            You mean Ambler, right truffles? Or has that place opened a branch in Lansdale too? That would rock if they did. Gah I'm beginning to regret starting this thread. I get excited about new places opening up and like to put the word out but I'm thinking Molly's really needed their "soft" opening. Someone else started another thread after I posted this one and maybe they are getting a bit too much attention. I still haven't been but I am eager to go, if just to get a cold beer and enjoy the decor. The other night I was taking a late night walk in Lansdale with my dog and I couldn't resist peeking in the little window in the front door. Although the place was dark and closed for the night my doggie and I could have had our own tour. I noticed the door didn't look quite flush and I gave it a yank. Imagine my surprise when it opened! I gave it a good shove and it closed properly and locked firmly. Whew! My dog seemed disappointed, as if she wanted to explore.
                            My point is that if their closing crew is neglecting to literally close properly, I'm going to give them some space to grow by not heading over there just yet. But when the cold winds are blowing, some stew and a brew will go down mighty fine I expect.

                            1. re: givemecarbs

                              Yes, Ambler. Hope that didn't cause any confusion. I am a big fan too. Which makes me wonder why I don't see much about them on this board...

                          2. re: SnowCat

                            A Boxty is a potato pancake: this is a great picture - it looked just like mine, except for the sauce - Molly's was different sauce.

                            The Boxty at Molly's reminded me of a wrap when it first came out - out it was like huge and fat. My first instinct was that I was somehow going to pick it up to eat it (please don't laugh, I never, ever, had one before so this was all new to me) So I cut it in half - it was a bacon cheeseburger in side with lettuce red onions, etc, with this special sauce. I really liked it. The pancake added a sweet taste to it. I ate it with a knife and fork. They have a few different kinds on the menu.

                            Like I said, I liked it. This place seems to be requiring a board of it's own now (joke!).

                            Above someone said they'd walked by at nite and yanked on the door and it was open? If something like that happened, then that should be reported to the manager, no? I'd want to know if I ran that place that the door was left open and the alarm hadn't been set that night.

              2. I took a friend to dinner at Molly Maguire's last night for her birthday - disappointing doesn't begin to describe the experience. While the decor is beautiful, that's where the praise ends. The waitress gave us our menus and in the span of 5 minutes interrupted us three times to see if we were ready to order! We were still reading the menu - any waitresss should know (or at least be taught before starting the job) that you approach a table to order when the menus are closed. When we did order, we asked for take-out menus which we never received, and really don't even know if they exist because our waitress didn't know (but that's OK, I don't think we need them anyway!) Our food came out - the soup was lukewarm and the rest of the food was cold in the center - possibly microwaved? I hope not or this place was never fly. Within 2 minutes of getting our food, she asked if we wanted refills for our water - both glasses were still full! She attempted to take my plate 15 minutes after serving us - I had barely gotten started! She also came back 5 minutes later to remove the soup bowls that were still half full! Then the check came - over $20 for two cups of lukewarm soup and two very small appetizers and free water which I guess was the best part of the meal. I had the check laying on the table and was reaching for my wallet when once again the waitress appeared and asked if we needed change - I didn't even have money out of my wallet! Wash her shift over and she was in hurry to cash out and leave? The prices are high for the portions you get, the food was mediocre at best . I may have considered giving this place another try, but the waitress was untrained, unprofessional and just outright annoying to the point of ruining our evening - we couldn't wait to leave!

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                1. re: lyndab

                  Who was your waitress that night, lyndab? Do you remember her name?

                2. Took my mom there for dinner Saturday and I thought it was very good. The hostess was very enthusiastic in detailing the history and features of the building. We were seated on the 2nd floor patio, which was very pleasant. Our server was attentive, but not hovering as one of the other posters experienced. I had the sirloin, which was delicious and very good fries (the veggies--grilled zucchini was just fair). Mom had the broiled scallops, which were delicious. The dessert tray looked great, but we were both too full to partake. It was a bit pricey (but then, we did have drinks and 2 of the more expensive entrees on the menu), but we agreed it was definitely worthy of a return trip.