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Jul 21, 2010 11:12 PM

mexican groceries

Planning on making a big mexican feast for 6 friends, anyone know of a good mexcian grocery store in vancouver proper? willing to go out to suburbs too!

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  1. Have heard of this place might check it out this week.

    Los Guerreros Mexican Food 3317 Kingsway 604.451.7850

    Someone is sure to chime in with Que Pasa in Richmond but lately I've noticed they're importing goods made from the cheapest ingredients imaginable and selling them under their own label.

    El Sureno on Commercial-beloved of many-is run by some notoriously surly characters so Be Advised.

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      Not cheap but I've been happy to note that Fresh Is Best on Broadway is getting more and more Mexican staples in to make your own food. They also have a lot of prepared sauces, including their own.

    2. Killarney Market, of all places, has tonnes of Latin American specialties.