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Jul 21, 2010 10:42 PM

Best Shaved Ice

Who has your favorite Asian-style shaved ice? Japanese-style, Korean-style, Filipino-style, I am open to them all. My favorite style is pat bing soo (Korean-style shaved ice with red beans) if done right, but I've yet to find a good one in Manhattan. Koryodang's simply doesn't cut it for me. I think my favorite shaved ice right now is Cafe Zaiya's green tea shaved ice. Glorious mix of shaved ice, condensed milk, green tea syrup, and red beans. If it had more mochi on it, it would be pretty close to perfection.

This is my favorite summer dessert of all time, and it's making me sad that I've had so few good renditions of it! I imagine there's got to be a couple places in Chinatown that do a good one. Anyone? Bueller?

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    i've recently been a fan of falooda. but i've only had it in jackson heights. and they use coconut milk, shaved ice, kulfi, in addition to the standard tapioca seeds, rose water syrup, and vermecelli. it's a dessert not a drink as the wikipedia article shows.
    I wouldn't know where to get this in manhattan though =[.

    my friend also told me about pat bing soo. but she's also been out of luck of finding a good one in the city. by any chance do you know one in the outer boros?

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      I've never had a falooda - I'll have to check it out!

      Thanks for the excellent link too.

      Unfortunately I've never had a really good bing soo in New York. The last good one I had was in D.C. suburbs. I'm not super-familiar w/ outer boroughs though. There has to be a good one somewhere in Queens. If you or your friend hear anything, let me know!

      Meanwhile Cafe Zaiya's green tea shaved ice will hold me over.

      1. re: uwsister

        Paris Baguette out in Queens Crossing, Flushing has a dish where the ice is actually shaven from green tea, or at least green tea-flavored water. Lots of toppings too but kind of expensive at about 8-9 bucks a plate. Flushing has many options of Taiwanese shaved ice where you get to pick your own toppings. As for Manhattan, Excellent Pork Chop House serves an okay one. Many Malay restaurants serve Chen Do as well.

        Excellent Pork Chop House
        3 Doyers St, New York, NY 10013

        1. re: uwsister

          nope, the only good bing soo my friend knows is in virginia =(. ill put a post on the outer boros though.

          1. re: daffyduck

            Funny, the last good one I had was in Virginia as well (which I mentioned above.)

      2. I always thought of shaved ice as a Chinese dessert, bah bao bing. Green beans, red beans, peanuts, grass jelly, etc.. Interesting there are so many variations.

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        1. re: Pookipichu

          Oh yeah, I think every Asian country has its own variation! Koreans have pat bing soo, Japanese has kaikgori, Filipinos have halo-halo, etc.

          I think it's the best summer dessert there is.

        2. omg, that green tea one sounds soooo good!
          i definitely need to have some while i'm there next week!



            i never tried this but it looks great! i dont know if they're any in manhattan.

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            1. re: daffyduck

              205 Sackett Street Brooklyn, NY 11231-5257 - (718) 222-2999

              Hands down the best!!! They even make Halo Halo...

            2. Saw this this past wknd at the Amsterdam Market downtown (South St. Seaport)...Bao Bing.
              Didn't try it. I only like plain shaved ice (or maybe I would like the aforementioned green tea shaved ice) with simple syrup. But it looked like they had the whole shebang.