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Jul 21, 2010 09:43 PM

What would be an appropriate pairing with Moscato D'asti?

I've been preparing for an intimate celebration and wanted a light desert wine to pair with dark chocolate rum balls. I'm new to the wine world and am finding it difficult to mix a sparkling wine with dark chocolate. I recently purchased a bottle of Saracco 2009 Moscato D'asti, but am not entirely sure if that is an appropriate pairing. If not, what other desert suggestions would you have to pair with this bottle? Because I haven't prepared the desert, I can easily change it. I've also considered a cheese cake with berries as well.
Lastly, would there be any other wine option to pair with a dark chocolate rum ball that is light and sparkling? I personally would prefer a Port, however I know my boyfriend wouldn't enjoy it.

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  1. If going with chocolate, consider Moscato's cousin, Brachetto d'Acqui. It's still light, but red, and handles chocolate better than moscato.

    Moscato pairs well with berries, and very well with light dessert. Consider a panna cotta, or simple gelato.

    1. WIth the Moscato you'd be better sticking to something light like pannacotta, sorbets, fruit salad, though cheesecake might work if it isn't too heavy,

      For the chocolates, you could go for a Maury from the south of France if you don't want port. Mas Amiel should be easy enough to track down

      1. Fresh berries with zabaglione. A lemon-scented zabaglione would be great.

        Chocolate that isn't too intense can pair well with a moscato passito (non-bubbly version of moscato). Other than that, the brachetto recommendation is going to be best for your boyfriend. The Maury rec will still be too port-like for him.

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          In addition to fruits and puddings like zabaglione, a Moscato d"Asti goes well with those not too sweet or rich Italian simple cakes (torta all nonna, maybe, or even a not too sweet pastiera) and not-too-hard biscotti like the Sicilian sesame regina cookies.

        2. I agree with most of what's been said here already, but wanted to add one quick note. OP, there are some matches that just aren't meant to be made. Your dark chocolate rum balls just won't pair well with the majority of sparkling wines. Brachetto will pretty much be your best bet, and personally, I still don't much care for the pairing.

          Time to teach your boyfriend to man up and try port again. :) Or Bourbon. Or espresso. Or Maury. Or Madeira. Or Framboise. There are lots of much better parings for dark chocolate than bubbles.

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          1. a simple tart of mascarpone, ripe figs, a drizzle of honey and a twist of black pepper...with dark chocolate I'd just go with seconds on the chocolate or try a sherried single old MacAllan if you hit the jackpot or a Dalmore cigar malt for more modest budgets. BTW, also sensational w. bread pudding. I am having a hard time thinking of good bubbly with chocolate but maybe a sturdy rose Champagne would work. You may need to have a test run.