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Jul 21, 2010 08:21 PM

Origin for birthday lunch?


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  1. It's good for lunch. The small plates choices are good. I wish I could remember what we ordered but it was a while ago and I enjoyed all the dishes. The patio is now open too if you want to eat outside, they do have an awning and umbrellas for shade. Sorry, this isn't a very helpful post but yes, I'd go and try it!

    1. The patio is great and the menu has something for pretty much any taste. If you are a burger and fries kind of guy, the burger there is fantastic. Not cheap at $15 with no sides, but worth a splurge on your birthday. They have a cute "combo" option that the burger, their spicy Spanish fries (which are delicious) and a float. The burger is ground on site and served pink and juicy on a house-made, buttery brioche bun.

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        I found the burger good, but not something radically different from what I get elsewhere. The guacamole used on the burger was the same as that on the tostones, so if you get one, don't get the other.
        I recommend you get 3 dishes pp and dessert. You'll end up sharing most things. Some hits are: deviled eggs, smoked cod croquettes, tostones, beet salad, salmon tataki, grilled lamb, rock hen, calamari, and black cod. For dessert my favourite is the caramelized brioche.

      2. While I haven't been for lunch, I went for my birthday dinner a few days ago. Thoroughly enjoyed my meal there and would go back. My only minor quibble is that some of the dishes were a touch oversalted.

        We ordered:

        - deviled eggs: gremolata was a nice touch
        - tostones with guacamole: I loved these, they reminded me of the ones in Bogota (called patacones there) but smaller
        - olives: good but nothing particularly special
        - spanish fries: fabulous, with chorizo and manchego sprinkled on top and chipotle aioli
        - tuna handroll with apple: nice and refreshing
        -bangkok beef salad: loved all the different flavours,a playful dish
        - manchego rice with chorizo: this was good but we were stuffed and didn't enjoy it as much as we should have!

        For dessert, we shared lemon tart and cheesecake. Both were great. Lemon tart was nothing specifically creative but the yogurt was a nice touch. Cheesecake was lovely, with pineapple and coconut.

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        1. re: bunnylicious

          Thanks for your recos fellow Hounds... they were well advised.

          We had a great time, starting off with a nice rose sparkler from Italy. Tostones, spanish fries, cod fritters and snap peas to share. Then some salads and the delicious fresh mozz with pesto and a confit of cherry tomatoes. Cod with miso and desserts...both very well executed. Carmalized brioche was what the birthday boy had...

          Nice buzz in the dining room and good service also.

          109 King St E, Toronto, ON M5C, CA