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Traveling from North Carolina to Ohio

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We'll be traveling from North Carolina to Sandusky area of Ohio. Any ideas for places to dine along the way that are not the usual fast food joints? One friend suggested a place in Beckley, WV - the craft center? Any opinions?

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  1. Ohio is in this forum, but the other states are not. WV is in the Mid-Atlantic forum, so you would have to ask there.

    1. What route are you taking? 77 to the turnpike?

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        I think so. We'll be going through Akron, and past Cleveland. Does that help?

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          It does.
          There's a casual place in Cambridge, Ohio I like called The Forum. There might be an easier way to get there than this, but I think you would get off on the I-70 exit, headed West and get off on the next exit (178) to Cambridge. It's just off the highway to the right.


          There really isn't much between the WVA border and I-70. You'll be going into the outskirts of Amish Country before you hit Canton, like Dutch Valley in Sugar Creek.