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Jul 21, 2010 06:10 PM

Chez l'Ami Jean in August?

Does anyone know if Chez l'Ami Jean will be open in August? Some friends would like for me to call and make reservations, which I am happy to do, but my French is good enough only for that. If I get a rapid-fire response about closing dates, my head will spin. The specific day I am trying for a reservation is August 12.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Forget it. They are all open all of July, though.

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    1. re: souphie

      Thanks for the information. My friends are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary and are looking for a place for dinner. They are not the most adventurous diners in the world, but are looking for a nice place. Any August suggestions? You always have great suggestions.

        1. re: souphie

          Not sure of the specifics, but it's certainly not a Le Cinq type budget. Thinking along the lines of Chez l'Ami Jean, Le Comptoir, l'Epi Dupin type budgets.

          1. re: ParisKat

            Yes but you see, that's my point: my best Le Cinq meals were less expensive than my best Chez l'Ami Jean meal, or almost. Likewise I could say Joséphine is a great place (it is) but the bill easily ends up close to 100€ pp if you let go, and at that price, you can have fine dining. Or fine lunching at least. Same with other "mid-range" places like Chez Georges on Porte Maillot.

            What is sure is, I wouldn't bet on any fashionable bistrot to be open on August 12, when the city is the emptiest. As I said, Joséphine (which is certainly not fashionable) was open last August, now I hear they may close this summer some. Then you have brasserie like places (and Joséphine could be considered one of them) such as Chez Georges or La Rotonde, that are always safe choices, but will never feel like a small unknown bistrot.