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Jul 21, 2010 05:51 PM

"fine foods" grocery store in the KW area

Hi all,

I moved to the kw area recently and am having some trouble finding some of the ingredients required to cook my way through Thomas Keller's ad hoc at home. Stuff like rendered duck fat, espelette pepper, piquillo peppers, mozzarella curds, etc. Where does everyone go for these kinds of products?


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  1. Can't be sure they have everything you need, but you might want to give "The Healthy Haven" a try.

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    1. re: Full tummy

      Just to follow up, re meatnveg's post, The Healthy Haven has outlets of Fiddleheads, David's Gourmet, and The Healthy Butcher, all in one location.

      The Healthy Butcher
      565 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

      David's Gourmet
      173 King St W, Kitchener, ON N2G1A7, CA

    2. There are few places now. Vincenzo's probably carries all the stuff you listed in your post

      1. Vincenzos - in the Bauer buildings

      2. David's Gourmet - 2 locations

      3. Fiddleheads

      4. The St. Jacobs Farmers Market
      - the vendors inside the 2 buildings usually have some of the more off-best ingredients (suet, foie gras etc


      David's Gourmet
      36 Northfield Dr E, Waterloo, ON N2L6A1, CA

      740 Belmont Ave W, Kitchener, ON N2M1P2, CA

      1. Ditch Keller, cut the frustration, and get in touch with what K-W and Wellington County have to offer. Go to the markets, check the Ontario gov. listings for produce, poultry and meat producers, and use Ad Hoc figuratively. Otherwise, you'll be sidetracked by what the area lacks rather than what it has to offer.