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Jul 21, 2010 04:08 PM

Burgers fell apart

Hello, I was wondering if someone could answer my question. I made teriyaki burgers tonight and they fell apart on the grill. What happened?? I used GROUND CHUCK. I added a bit of scallions and a bit of jalapeno, along with my other flavorings and seasonings. THis has never happened to me before. What went wrong?

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  1. I grind my own 7-bone chuck pretty coarsely and handle them as little as possible. I add nothing else to them. But they're quite fragile. I recently bought one of those long, metal spatulas like "short order cooks" use. It's helped alot. If it's storebought beef you used, perhaps it had a little more fat in it or was a little more coarsely ground than what you usually get and you just weren't accumstomed to that. Also perhaps the onion and pepper exuded too much moisture while cooking. Just a few thoughts.

    1. I like my burgers coarsely ground so they are fairly fragile but proper handling and cooking prevents them from falling apart. Without know when or how they fell apart or even how you like them, my thought are:

      Either they got too warm before you cooked them or you weren't cooking them over high enough heat or you fiddled with them too much so they stuck to the grill.

      1. Mine fall apart if they are too wet. I put filler in. *gasp* Yes, fine breadcrumbs along with all my seasoning until they are the perfect texture. Works everytime and nothing but, compliments from the most important people in my life. :)

        1. Sounds like your problem was the addition of scallions and jalapenos.