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Jul 21, 2010 04:06 PM

Monument Beach Area Recs Please

SF Bay hounds will be in the Monument Beach area of Cape Cod in Mid August. Recommendations appreciated for a seafood lover, and a vegan who does not mind making a meal of sides and salads. Breakfast, lunch or dinner recs needed. Grocery shopping too!

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  1. There is Stir Crazy on MacArthur's Boulevard, but you didn't ask for Cambodian cuisine. It is pretty tasty stuff and the vegan will thrive.

    Right in Mo. Beach there is a clam shack at the fish market. Its called the Lobster Trap, they have local fried fish platters and the usual assortment of fare. Very fresh, busy and casual.

    In Pocasset, the next village over there is a restaurant at Kingman's Marina. Its called the Chart Room. It is known for its fresh picked lobster sandwich on Portuguese bread, it is not on the menu, but it's incredible. The drink specialty is a mudslide. If your going for dinner get there early and enjoy a cocktail on the lawn. It can get very busy! Local legend status. The vegan will be so entertained by the apres golf fashions they will not squeak.

    For food shopping head into Falmouth and go to Windfall Market. It caters to the local foodies and has the staples too.

    Its a bit of a drive, but great scenery- head to Woods Hole, to Pie in the Sky for breakfast. Great coffee, good pastry, egg sandwiches and a nice local vibe. Walk through town to the free aquarium. Take the back roads in (Sippewissett), and the Falmouth Road Race route out, and you will not be disappointed! It lands you right around Windfall Market in down town Falmouth.

    Stir Crazy
    570 MacArthur Blvd, Buzzards Bay, MA 02532

    Chart Room
    1 Shipyard Ln, Buzzards Bay, MA 02532

    1. Agree with the recommendations from wohord. One note on the Chart Room. It is very noisy in the evening. It does not bother some people but I avoid it when I have guests. Food shopping is also a pleasure at The Market in Plymouth which is off route 3 at Exit 3.