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Jul 21, 2010 02:53 PM

brownie heaven!

Ok, if you're like me, you loved brownies as a child, and have NEVER duplicated that blissful experience as an adult.

Intellectually, I know that this recipe is better than those bakesale brownies from my childhood. But emotionally, at this very moment, I am about 7 again, and my eyes are welling up with happy tears.

Here's the recipe, I added some flour and skipped the nuts. Suggest you make two batches!

by Alice Medrich

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  1. Your link defaulted to their entry page, but no brownies.... A search brought up 127 brownie hits...did you refer to their Truffle Brownie recipe? That looked good to me!

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      Sorry the link didn't work. The recipe is called Best Cocoa Brownies, if you search on that, the right recipe will show up.

      1. Looks really great, MCFAC! Alice Medrich is pretty respected around here, from what I've seen, too!

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          I'm a fan now. we invited some friends over for dessert, they loved them too. Great with fresh raspberries. Never lined with parchament for brownies before, it made clean up easy, with no loss of brownie bits to the baking dish.

        2. I love brownies. I've kind of settled into the recipe on the back of the Ghiradelli cocoa canister.. They're always big hits. One thing that always amazes me--folks seem so impressed and amazed by from scratch brownies. But they're so dang simple to make! I try to explain that; they don't seem to believe me.

          1. One of my favourites to make when I need dessert in a hurry is brownies. Add good ice-cream and chocolate sauce and it's a decadent dessert. Sprinkle M&ms on top and it's just fun.

            1. Alice Medrich is coming out with a updated version of her book on cookies. It will be called Chewy Gooey Crispy Crunchy Melt-in-Your-Mouth Cookies.
              I found this blog with the recipes from the first book, which is pretty expensive if you try to buy it online. Scroll down.

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              1. re: wekick

                Thanks for the link! I'll try one of her cookie recipes next. Worth noting, the website says the recipes are there with Medrich's permission. After the brownie recipe, I have full faith her next book will live up to the title.