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Jul 21, 2010 02:47 PM

driving home from London, Ontario to Toronto, Ontario

I'll be driving home to Toronto from London on Saturday late afternoon and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good quality spot for food somewhere along my way back to Toronto.

So far I have Langdon Hall in Cambridge on my list of possible spots to try ... I was wondering if there were any other good quality spots I should have on my list?


Langdon Hall
1 Langdon Drive, Cambridge, ON N3H 4R8, Canada

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  1. I will also add that I can take either the 401 straight to Toronto or I can get to Toronto via the 403 / QEW.

    So I am open to spots in Burlington (have been to Spencer's before and have enjoyed it), Oakville etc ...

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    1. re: squirms

      Blacktree in Burlington is one-of-a-kind - in a good way. Reservation essential.
      Annoying website and dishes are much more complex than described.

      Possibly the most exciting resto in GTA.

      3029 New St, Burlington, ON L7N, CA

    2. Enver's. Not too far south of the 401 but their hours might not suit.

      Envers Restaurant
      42 Queen St, Morriston, ON N0B2C0, CA

        1. re: meatnveg

          envers and blacktree look interesting ... thanks for the suggestions ,,,

        2. Camp 31 in Paris is a good spot for BBQ.

          It couldn't be a more different dining experience from Langdon Hall which is exceptional in every way, as I'm sure you know.

          Langdon Hall
          1 Langdon Drive, Cambridge, ON N3H 4R8, Canada

          1. I would recommend Big Daddy's Crab Shack & Oyster Bar - ‎
            970 Southdown Road, Mississauga, ON L5J 2Y4, (905) 403-0331
            You will need to take the 403 to Lakeshore.